Sunday, May 19, 2013

New investigators

April 22
Questions from Mom, answers from Sean:

Q: Do you have plates to eat and pans to cook in yet?

A: Got them just a few days ago.

Q: Someplace to cook?

A: Got that 2 weeks ago, but didn't have the pans.

Q: Are you still with the same companions?

A: Maybe, we have transfers... and we still don't know.

Q: Are you headed into winter now?

A. Yupp, so I might use that jacket after all, I will wait till after winter to decide if I need it or not :P

Q: Are your seasons opposite ours or the same?

A: Opposite

Q: Are you loving rice and beans?

A: Oh yeah, they are the best rice and beans I have ever had in my life! I could eat this for the rest of my life.

A regular meal consists of rice, beans, some sort of pasta with sauce, meat, and usually a salad and potato or manjioka frita and succo or guarana

Oh and guarana is the best. Go look for it in the stores Mom, it’s not very common, but it is the best. Ask Brother Kooyman, or someone that served in brazil, they will know. Elder Millett says it’s in Boise.

Q: Have you figured out how to make them so you can show me when you come home?

A: Working on it.

This week we have been working on finding a lot, working with our same people, and trying to find people to teach. The most promising right now are the one family that will soon be married so they won't have problems with the law of chastity anymore - they are so awesome. Marian and Dirley (sounds like jerry-lee really fast) and they have a 2 year old daughter Natalie who is so funny all the time. We have had a member here named Anderson, who him and his wife have been helping us a ton with them. They love church, and love the missionaries. Oh and maybe the brother will be baptized too (brother of Dirley).

Second is Renaldo. Fun loving, jokes all the time, has terrible eyesight, but I love him and his family, because they are always ready to invite us in. they made us popcorn the other day which was a blessing for that day. But Renaldo went to church the other day, family didn't come, but he went and the branch president came and talked to him and started trying to help us out, and so I have decided that this branch is awesome. Everyone is glad that the missionaries are back after 3 years, and want to help get people going to church so it can be a ward!. Maybe get a new building! Woot, hope I can help with that.

Other news is our house is almost completely ready, we still need some tables and our sink, but that’s about it! Close! Then I won't be so homeless.

That’s about it for this week, not a whole bunch, just a lot... lot of walking and talking to people.

Miss you all! Write soon!

Elder Sean Anderson

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