Friday, February 22, 2013

Listening to the Spirit

Ok, so this week has been absolutely nuts!!! But in a good way.

First off, I would like to say, Magnolia is wonderful, and I love the people here. Even though it is kind of crazy sometimes... but I still love it.

My companion, Elder Chollet, is awesome. He is constantly doing things to help us and others grow, and people can see that he is in tune with the spirit, and I have noticed it so many times as we have been out here. About him, he is a dancer like me, but he dances solo, like modern, or jazz or ballet. I'll write more about him every week, but that’s just one thing.

This week, we had a really cool experience, where we had to go get our tire fixed, and I felt this urge to go to sonic (I say urge, cause I wasn't hungry, but I felt like I needed to go over there across the street and eat something.) so we walked around to the light and over, and ate a bit, then as we were going back, we met someone who told us that God told him to stop, turn around and offer to buy us a drink. Wow. That was weird. So he took us to Whataburger, and bought us all sodas and we talked to him about what we know to be true, and about him. He is very religious and is trying very hard to do what’s right, and we get to see him latter today and talk to him about the book of Mormon that we gave to him. That was really cool.

This last week met 4 people that could be potential investigators of the church at least. There are so many people that could be ready for the church here, we just have to listen to the spirit and let him bear witness through us of the truth. So I would say it’s been a productive week.

I also love what we get to do, because I've realized we have a part of our calling that I love. we get to be friends and people that others can trust, and I have noticed how people easily open up to us all the time, and how they let us help their lives.

Well, I'm out of time this week, but there is so much I want to say. Just remember, I love you all, and hope that I hear from you soon!!!

Elder Anderson

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Magnolia Address

Elder Sean Anderson
811 Cloyd Dr., Apt. #719
Magnolia, TX  78123

Teaching in Magnolia, Texas

P-days are now on Mondays by the way. My first area is Magnolia, Texas in the Magnolia Second Ward, and it has been kind of slow as of yet. We have had investigators to teach, and stuff to do, but no baptisms. We are in a driving mission area, so we have a car, and our apartment is a bit ghetto, but it’s fine :) I like it, and it’s just me and my companion Elder Challet.

Apparently they call trainers fathers and the trainees sons, and they base a ton of things off of those, so I have uncles, I have grandparents, etc. etc. I find it kind of hilarious, and theoretically if I ever get my Visas I will have 2 fathers in the mission :P I'm working hard though, finding every opportunity that I can to serve.

So to start, my first few days were kind of crazy, learning how things work out here, meeting new people all the time. We arrived, and my mission president met us as we were getting our baggage. He is supper happy all the time, it’s so awesome, never gets mad, that kind of guy. Anyway, he had interviews with us all, he didn't know who my trainer was going to be and he called up Elder Challet that morning and told him that we would be together. I know that this was an inspired decision, he is very close to the lord, I know because when I met Elder Challet (before I knew he was my trainer) we both knew we were going to be companions, we kind of just felt it. This has been witnessed to me over and over again with miracle upon miracle.

One miracle occurred just 3 days ago was we were going to take a u turn ( he doesn't like making me get out of the car and back him up) and we got stuck in a ditch. We tried pushing it out, and couldn't get it out, so he said a quick prayer, and almost right after, we had a tow truck pull up and offer to pull us out for free. whoa. Jake (the driver) gets a golden star for the day.

Also, we went to go visit less actives (that’s most of our mission here, reactivating less actives) and she has been having trouble with her husband, who has been in jail for 30 years of his life already, and he just got sent again. Both are members, and she is supper sweet. When we got to the house, we answered her prayer because the one person that could drive us was the one that was the one she was asking for. I know the lord blesses us when we humble ourselves enough to ask for help.

Magnolia is funny, I have noticed that there is a lot of trailer parks, and a lot of rich people as well, not a ton of in between. It's a pretty big area, and we never have enough miles to get around it all. Also last week was just a bad week for miles. It should be better this week.

One of the people I have come to know and love is this kid named Quinn. He is a very humble kid, and is a convert to the church. I have noticed the light around this kid. He is a beacon to all, and a very influential missionary, and I think that I will be writing about him as well.

So, funny story, one of the people I met on the flights here was a missionary in Londrina. She described it to us a bit, and I am way excited. Though on top of that, we met this family who has recently been reactivated, and is now stronger in the church then they have been. The father served his mission in the same area where I will be, (it was called something different). I have been able to get him pretty fired up about it, I love him so much! He also has so much to tell me about it, maybe even a few referrals :)

Anyway, next week I will send a few pictures of my mission here, some of the people I have met, and will tell you about the people I will teach this week. I get to meet most of our investigators this week. :)

 President and Sister Pingre with Sean

Sean's Houston District

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Elder Anderson's address in Houston

Elder Sean T. Anderson
16623 Hafer Rd.
Houston, TX  77090-4401

Leaving the MTC

Departure Day:
I forget the exact times, but I leave from Salt Lake at 7:00 am, arrive at 9:00 am in Pheonix, Arizona, and then leave from there to Houston at 10:00 am, arriving in Houston around 12:00 or 1:00 pm. I will call home around 6:00 am so I can talk with everyone for half an hour.

(from Sean's mom . . . )
*Sean did call home and we all gathered around the phone to hear what he had to say. He is going to the Houston mission (English speaking). He loved his time in the MTC, but it was hard to say goodbye to everyone. He feels pretty good about his Portuguese and bore his testimony to us. He is excited for this new experience and the challenges it will bring. One thing he said, that I never thought I’d hear, was that on P-days his companions liked to sleep in which frustrated him because he was up early and raring to go. Wow, that’s not the Sean that was sleeping in until noon before he left. It was great to hear his voice and his enthusiasm for the work and the scriptures.

(From Sean . . . .)
So my week has been awesome, I wish I didn't have to say this, but since I got my reassignment I have been counting down the days till when I get there, It is going to be way exciting. I have attended several workshops and devotionals for departing missionaries, which have all been fabulous experiences :) I also have been blessed with many friends here at the MTC, so it will be a bit of a trial saying goodbye to all of them. Oh well, I got lots of addresses and people to write to.

I was really excited, I got to talk to my mother today for a few brief minutes, very brief unfortunately, but I did get to hear her voice, and say a few words to her. I get to one more time in my transfer to the Houston Texas Mission, (which I am super stoked for, I finally get to go back to Texas), which wasn't quite the way I expected to get there, but oh well :) I will be excited to hear from her, and possibly my father if he is home :) I miss them and all of my sisters, so I am going to be excited to hear from them all.

Today I have been packing up all day, and I think I am the only missionary who hasn't had a problem with weight. Maybe one of the other missionaries was good too, but they all have been constantly repacking to try and even out the weight just right. Thankfully, mine weighs at 50lbs in one bag, and in my small bag I have a whole 5 lbs. extra to spare :P (good luck fitting more in it anyway) and all I have to fit in it is a pair of jeans and maybe a shirt or 2. I can do it! ( oh and not to mention I have a half a back pack left that I can fit even more in! I think it’s funny because they all have 2 large bags, and I have a small bag, a backpack, and a large bag, and it all fits perfectly) Thanks mom!

I also received a new jacket from my parents and a few other things that I have put to good use :) plus some pretty amazing beef jerky that I have almost finished. But as for the jacket, I have been using that all of today, and I believe it will be perfect for when I get to Houston when it rains every other day :)

I would like to bear my testimony that I know that this church is true, and I know that my savior lives. As I have been here, I have been seeking personal revelation through the spirit, and specifically through the scriptures, and it is really kind of awesome to see the difference it has made in my life and the lives of the members of my district here at the MTC. I am so grateful for the time I have had here, and for my 2 awesome companions Elder Rydalch and Elder Christensen. I Love them both and my whole district, and I am so grateful to all of them. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

God be with you till we meet again, Please write me :)


Elder Sean T Anderson

Elder Sheppard. He is one of me and Jeanne's friends

Sisters Johnson and Hammon, from left to right, they are both some of my friends from the MTC here. Portuguese speaking. Both play volleyball every day, so I got to know them there.

Irmao Buttars

Irmao de Groot. He is an awesome teacher, and I was glad to have him. This might be his last time teaching a district at the MTC :(

My MTC district

Sister Burt and a different Sister Johnson. They have been here 3 weeks, both very cool people, and sister Burt just received her visa. Blah :P I wish her luck in Porto Alegre. :) Both are some of my good volleyball friends :)

Elder Baldwin. A Utah state friend (he was in the tower with me, and was in my ward :) ) also a great friend in my zone and a volleyball pal.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Going to Houston

Thursday, January 31, 2013, during Megan's voice recital (just as she was about to stand up to sing), I received an "unknown" caller on my cell phone.  I let it slide, but I thought it might be Sean.  When it rang again, I quickly left the room and was sooo glad I did.  I got to talk to Sean for four minutes.  He said he had been reassigned to the Houston, Texas mission and that he was leaving the MTC on Wednesday, February 5th.  He was very excited to be able to go to Houston, feeling a little bit like he was going home to Texas.  I'm assuming it is English speaking, but I'm not sure.

He told his companions he was going to Houston, before he got the call, and was excited to be right.  The other elders are headed to Des Moines, Iowa.  I'm ok with him staying in the states a little longer.  We'll see what happens the rest of his mission.  I know have the urge to fly to Houston.  It's a good thing he'll eventually be out of the country and beyond my reach.

I sent him a final MTC care package that he should receive tomorrow filled with notebooks, pens, scripture marking tools, some jerky (he said please no more candy) and a lightweight rain jacket.

We don't know the address yet for where he will be, but hopefully will find that out before he leaves or shortly after he arrives.

Good Luck, Sean!