Sunday, April 20, 2014

P-day and praying for Patricia.

April 15, 2014

Best question ever. What am I doing for p-day.

First thing I will eat some fried chicken and ramen (our money hasn’t fallen yet, it’s all I have). Maybe I will drink terere, but only 2 liters today if that.

Then I will play some chess with my companion, listen to some talks, and I will make a leather case for my bible (Like I said, I have become a cobbler)

And then we will pray for our investigator. Satan is working hard against her, and I am scared she will give in. I know that the lord is blessing her, and will give her way to salvation. Pray for us that Patricia can be baptized tomorrow! I believe in her!

Anyway, Patricia is a niece of a member, who invited her to conference the other day, and loved it! She has been receiving our lessons, and has readily accepted the gospel, and is getting ready to be baptized. The problem? Members, her aunt, and others are all distracting her from what I know she has felt, and I know that she will make it there when I saw her withstand something that any other investigator would fall under. I am so glad that the lord is preparing us and helping her to achieve her righteous desire.

Please pray for us that we may be given a way to work with the members of this ward that they may stop impeding our investigators and start helping them instead.

Love you all

Elder Anderson

Conference and learning to make leather scripture covers.

April 7, 2014

How did you enjoy conference?

Unfortunately I was too stressed to enjoy it yet. But I will download and listen to it on the phone ( I got a memory card to put in it :P )

Did you have any investigators show up?


Did you watch in Portuguese or English?


What talks did you get the most out of?

Bednar, but I don't remember what. It’s all written down :P

Any themes that stood out to you?


So short answers, but I'm going as fast as I can here. This week we focused on getting people to conference, and we had some really good success in getting people there. Some are possibilities for this week, and some are longer run (like our 2 rapper friends Ricardo and Raphael) and we are really working hard to get them all there someday! I am starting to see some challenges that we will have to overcome, but seem steadily easier and easier as we get closer to the end.

Anyway that’s all the time I have for now. I loved conference, and today we will be learning how to make leather scripture covers (A skill I will take with me to the states :P )

Elder Anderson

Rainy day Sundays keep the investigators away.

March 31, 2014

How are things this week?

So far so good, we worked harder, we had a little more success, and we are getting closer to finding a baptism!

What things were easy?

Finding the people.

What things were hard?

Getting up every day.

Or getting them up on a rainy Sunday. We will better prepare some of them for next week! Yay conference!

Is it starting to cool off in Brazil yet?

Yeah, it’s not quite jacket weather, but it’s getting down there at night, and with the rain it helps a little too.

Are you beginning to enter your winter months?

Not quite.

Who was the coolest person you met this week?

Erik. Erik is the friend of Raphael, who I will explain below. Erik is in the circus, and that’s what he does for work. He also picks up a few other jobs along the way, but that is his main source of income for now. He is about 23 and is looking ahead to a long full life. He flaked out on church this week because of rain, but next week, we will have a little more success because of conference! Yay!

Who do you feel like you impacted the most (sometimes the person you impact the most is yourself).

Not sure, maybe myself

What did you learn about charity this week?

Just trying to be charitable and patience are related. But charity also requires action like faith.

Now for the good part. Our 2 rappers!!!

Raphael and Ricardo, our black rapper friends. Raphael we me a while ago, 2 weeks or so, and he was all excited about church and flaked out the first week due to a tooth ache. This week he almost fell again, but we got him to go, and now he's given up cigarettes! Yeah! We will try and help him be baptized this week!

Ricardo is the other, unfortunately he didn't come this week, but he promised us to go next week. I'm sure that he will be baptized with Raphael and Erik!

Our family that we are working with is also really cool. One is Jean; he is the son of an inactive, and the brother of 2 inactives. They all want to go to church, and we will get him to give up the cigarettes too and his whole family as well. Also his sister Bruna and her husband will also go to church. Neither of them has been baptized before (Bruna and Jean). We are really excited about them too. unfortunately the rain stopped them from coming.

Next week we have a work to do due to conference. We will try and get tons of people to go, we are going to make some official sign up list to make it more official to people! I'm super excited!

Talk to you all soon!

Elder Anderson

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

March 24, 2014

How much longer will you be with your current companion?

At least 5 more weeks, then after that...

What things do you think you have effectively taught him?

We have been really good about inviting people, to do things. There are still many things that we can get better at that will help people. I think one thing we are trying to work on a lot is having more charity for people. Love and all of that. I think that will help us out a bit.

What has he taught you?

Just keep positive and focused. Sometimes I tend to get really unfocused, and I think I could do better with that.

What do you do when you get really tired and it's hard to keep going?

Well I sat in my couch this morning and I decided not to fight and actually did exercises. Then I had diariah this morning after :P blessings of the mission...

Funny stories this week.

1. We had a guy tell us that he wants to go to the moon. I asked him if it was good there. He said to me they say it is...

2. Bar full of men. Not one woman. Music of “Girls Just Wants to Have Fun” blaring. (This world needs help).

Anyway we didn't have very much success this week, but we had a very good potential come to church and we will pass by him tomorrow after the conference. Wish us luck.

Elder Anderson

Hoping for a first baptism for Elder Monk.

March 17, 2014

So I didn't even realize that it was Saint Patrick’s Day. That is the weirdest thing. I don't even realize the days that are our regular holidays...

Potatoes? More or less. They have them but they must be a different brand, because they look different. Though on the flip side I have learned how to make hash browns. I learned watching another missionary, picked it up and do it every now and then.

Yes I am still red, though it will get a little bit better during the winter season. I am sure I will get back and be as red as a tomato :P or maybe somehow I will get a little tan!

This week we have been teaching a few people. First was one that disappointed me and we gave up on her. Her name was Arari (like ard-ard-ee). She was so close I felt, but we just couldn't find the problem. It’s hard to find the solution without the problem.

Second is LUILTON!!!!!!!!!

So this guy is from Lagoas, do Nordeste (north) and he is super cool, and just a party animal (we will help with that a bit... (Every other pic was him drinking in his camera))

Anyway it’s been 4 weeks since we found him, and finally we were able to get a hold of him and bring him to church. We went with his cousin, with whom he lives (he was studying to be a catholic priest... but he gave up).

Anyway, he is super cool, and is so willing to learn and we will help him out this week.

Next up is 3 kids we brought (and their family). Tatielli (12) Gulherme (15) and Junior (14). All really intelligent kids from Minas Gerais, the land of the cheese. They are a really cool family and we will work with them and see what we can do to help them: P it will be a good experience to help them, and hopefully baptize them!

This week was a long hard week but paid off in the end with the best fruits of any other week we had, and I think we will be able to baptize this week! First baptism for Elder Monk!

Elder Anderson

Some successes and some disappointments

March 10, 2014

Did you eat anything weird this week?

Just one thing, it’s a dish from the north. It was this corn Jello stuff. My companion didn't like it, but I thought it was fantastic. It would be so cool to serve up there among the Indians!

Did you have any situations where you followed the spirit and something miraculous happened?

This week? Not really. I'm sure I did, but that I remember no.

How are you feet hanging in there? Are you still using the medicine?

They are in perfect condition, and I stopped using the medicine in Marilia, though I pulled it out once or twice in Ourinhos.

This week there wasn't a lot to say, we have been working hard, and we had a couple of successes, and a couple of disappointments. One of which was the fact that we got a really good investigator for a few days that already went to church, and then she cut us after 3 or 4 days. It’s something really heart wrenching to see someone that doesn't want to experience change or the joy of the gospel. Other than her, we lost a lot of time on other things and we hope that this week we will have a little more success.

Other important things that have happened? ummm. Last week of transfers and so we have to work really hard this week.

I'm sorry there isn't a whole lot to say this week, maybe in the next week we will have some really good stories to tell.

Good luck on the move Mom!

Elder Anderson

I'm working as hard as I can, and I'm tired all the time.

Mar 3

What rocked your world this week?
What rocked my world? I'm not sure right now. Maybe church, because our investigators felt the strong spirit there!

Meet any new and interesting people?

Leticia and Estefania,

Leticia is a drug addict that is trying to get over her addiction. We got there right as she was starting and we seem to show up when she needs us the most. Unfortunately she fell after 7 days, but went to church Sunday and loved it and now has a vision for the future! It will be a longer road for her to baptism, but she will make it!

Estafania is a lady we met that went to church. That is very hyper. I don't know her really well yet, but she loved the church and wants to go back next week!

Both are just some of the sweetest people!

Have any epiphanies regarding the work you are doing?

Epiphanies? Not really. I'm working on something new, but I haven't really decided to focus my study on anything in particular yet.

How is being the lead companion going? Does it stress you out?

Good and yes!

What are three positive characteristics your companion has?

He speaks really well,

He does contacts well,

And he wants to get better!

Are you still as tired as you were?

Yes. It doesn't ever go away. The older you get, the more tired you get. It’s a universal thing among the missionaries here. They say if you are tired you didn't work smart, but I say the opposite. If you are not tired, you didn’t give it everything you had.

This week was long, hard and stressful. We worked hard, and it gave up some results, some are people that might be baptized in a few weeks and others are people that will be baptized this week. It will be a good month. Here we want to break our record in the mission with 231 baptisms in the month, which means I HAVE TO WORK HARD AS I CAN! It will be great!

Anyway that’s all I got to say for now, it’s been raining a bit here, and we are excited!

Elder Anderson

Addiction, marriage (or the lack thereof), and the trouble Satan causes.

February 24, 2014

So my week has been thus. Crazy! As always.

But to start we started running behind a few people. First off is Tayla.

Tayla is a 15 year old girl that smokes and drinks and has been since she was 11. Wow. anyway we have almost helped her to stop, and she has a response to her prayers and everything and now she will move to a different ward and get baptized. Dang. Oh well, she will still be in the same building.

Next is Amanda. Dang, we were so close. The story is this.

First a few weeks ago we had left her due to her mom being a little mean to us and let fires calm a little. We ended up seeing her at the family home evening of her neighbor (who lives in front of her) and we taught her the plan of salvation, and she loved it. We ended up passing again and teaching her the 3rd lesson and inviting her to go to an interview.

The interview was a hassle to get her there, but when she finally got there she had a very spiritual experience, and decided she wants to be baptized. We would do it the next day!

Then comes the bummer. We walked out and there was a marriage that was going on, and she asked us if she needed to be married...


So now we will go get them married in the next few weeks because it takes 15 days here. We are aiming for the week of transfers.

This week though we have to baptize a man that went to church with 19 years. So young man, but we hope that everything works out well.

As for being tired all the time, the problem is we don't have time to make real food ever, so we end up eating a bunch of junk food all the time. I hate it; I wish I had more time.

Glad to hear about the good stuff happening there, it will be so weird to return to Idaho Falls...

Elder Anderson

Of juggling, whey protein, and training!

February 17

Of juggling, whey protein, and training!

How is your new area?

It’s small, but it feels big since we are going around a lot of it.

Did you have to find a place to live, or was that already set up for you?

The place was already ready for us, it’s an old apartment that the ground is concrete, and it’s a pretty good size for the 2 of us.

Do you have a nice place to live?

It’s ok. Not the worst I’ve lived in, but also not the best. We have a bit of cleaning to do still.

How is the new ward and mission leader?

The ward is good and very supportive, and I've met some really cool people that I like thus far, the ward mission leader is an older guy, retired, though sounds like he will work again here in a bit. He’s a cool guy, but I really wish he was behind more ward missionaries, that would be really good.

Are you teaching anyone?

A few people, but the first is the one that went to church, Tayla. She is 15 years old, and we met her the other day just passing by her in the road as she was getting to her house. She almost didn't go Sunday when we passed by her, but we had a miracle. And I think that she has some possibility. First obstacle we have to pass is her addiction, she smokes. That’s so weird to me, 15 year olds smoking and addicted. Second problem is her dad is investigating and wanting to get baptized in another church that is very prominent here (known as the Jehovah Witnesses), but he won't stop her from doing what she wants.

Next news, I have learned how to juggle, not extremely well, but to the point where I can keep going, and do at least one new trick (I learned by watching Elder Christensen :P). That’s just a little something that is funny that I’ve been working on with the leftover limes we have.

One more thing, I wake up broken every day. Like demolished and destroyed. I go around every day and just feel really tired in the morning. Yesterday was the 2nd time I have ever tried whey protein (it was really nasty too). Then they put milk powder in the second half of the cup... this morning I felt like sunshine and daisy’s. And I ran for the first time in about 8 months. I am seriously considering buying a jug of powder. Mom, may I?

Elder Anderson

Training Elder Monk and some crazy experiences this week!

February 10, 2014

Well this week has been a really short and a fast week, but a really crazy week.

First this week we were transferred, both me and Elder Christensen: me to Semiramis, Londrina (which I found out on Monday) and Elder Christensen didn't know where. On Monday night I got a call to go to Centro for training for new trainers and learned that I would train. So that next morning, we went there, and we had the same training that I received when I got here on the mission.

Anyway my new trainee is Elder Monk! He is from Virginia, and is a hard worker and will someday be Assistant. Yeah!

So what he has already experienced this week, and were some really funny moments for us both.

1. We had a moment with two guys that were really doped up on drugs (we got the address of one, we will probably pass him, cause he was telling us that he wanted to be saved, and the other we just left him. he was singing Aerosmith apparently, though I didn't understand him

2. We had a guy named John Lennon at church. we talked to him at about 10, and he did a mini tour, left, (we got someone else after him to go to sacrament) and then she left, and he came back and (he was extremely drunk.) and ended up going to his house, letting him change, and we watched the last talk.

Later that day we went to his house, there was a fight between him and his dad? Or something. I'm a little sorry that he had to witness that.

3. Almost had a baptism, then the mom was thrown in the equation.

Anyway, everything so far is hectic from the having to open the area, but it will work out in the end. Baptisms this week of John Lennon and Amanda and this other lady (who also was really cool)

More stories next week!

Elder Anderson

Transferred, getting trained to train:)

February 3

What's the news from Brazil?

Was transferred (don't have any time to write, it’s a miracle I’m on right now).

Might train.

We were teaching a baptism, but our area just closed, so who knows what will happen. Thankfully she is dating a missionary (he is home due to epilepsy for 1 more month)

Are there any principles of the gospel you have gained a greater testimony of lately?

There are so many things that I can tell you that I'm learning, including grace, and the nature of God (I'm finishing up the lectures on faith and a bunch of supplemental readings! So good!)

That’s all the time and the juiciest info I can get you guys right now.

Elder Anderson

Fastest Baptism ever and transfers coming up.

January 27

Well I wouldn't say I'm the most diligent in writing my journal, though I at least keep a basic record of everything important, I wouldn't say things important happen every day, some days I just get home completely exhausted.

But the biggest part about this week is the blessings of the lord that we are seeing in our missions here. First is the blessing of a BAPTISM!!!

Irma Rita!

So we met her the other day after going and checking out a reference that we received a while back from a member. Rita went to church and didn't seem like she wanted anything to do with anything, and so we just forgot about her. But Thursday we went and checked it out to see if we would pursue it or just leave her. But while she seemed reluctant at first, she committed to be baptized. So we immediately called the zone leaders they came the next day and she was baptized that night.

(Fastest baptism that I or my companion have ever had with the oldest person we have ever taught. 74.)

Just a little about her. She is 74, has 7 living children, she had 8 and one more that was a miscarriage, with a total of 9. Wow. I don't know how many grandchildren she has, but she has at least one great grandchild, and a good portion of her family are baptized members of the church. I can barely understand what she says, and her and her husband Jose are always fighting when we are there. At least I think they are fighting.

But that’s all about her. The next news is that transfers are next week, maybe I stay here, or maybe I go. I don't know, we are working on getting a house all ready for 4 elders, so maybe I stay one more here...

Other than that, we are going to try and baptize the girlfriend of a missionary that is at home for a short time because he developed epilepsy on the mission. Wow. (I've met at least 3 missionaries that developed epilepsy...)

That’s my week. We walked a lot, out of the blue baptized, and we are going to be walking a lot more. I think I will sleep all day today.

Elder Anderson

Sundays are the toughest day of the week!

January 20

So this week was a long, long week. It seems like every day I was more and more tired. Though, the last day is always the hardest. We wake up earlier, we have more work and we are rushed for the next 6 hours, Sunday is definitely not a day of rest for a missionary.

I think the most disappointing thing for me here in the mission is when I work hard all week, we have good results and good potential investigators, and on the last day, everything falls and nobody comes to church.

That wasn't this week.

A woman and her husband and 2 kids came to church this week, of all of the people we talked to. We had some good success with them, and we will have to try really hard to baptize them.

The biggest issue with them is we have to help them to receive a response while having to help them get married, seeing as they have been living together the last 14 years. So, this will be a great thing if it all works out. I just don't know if I will be here to finish the marriage or not. We kind of have to just try. The problem though is they don't have money, so I think me and my faithful companion will team up with some members of the ward and try and help them pay for the marriage license. That way it’s not really expensive for us.

Other than that, we have some really cool people to work with; a guy in a wheelchair that already went to church and his wife, and another man and his family (0rlando)

We’ll work with them a little and see what we can do. We will try to work miracles this week!!!

Working wonders!

Elder Anderson