Monday, April 8, 2013

Finally, a house.

This week, I finally got a house! (If I can, I'll send pics, the internet here is slow), and it is so nice. We have a tile floor, a front and a back yard, a glass door, no furniture (except the beds), and a few other things, but that’s about it. Not really anything we can make food with, and no money to buy food either...(we should get some here soon).

Conference this weekend was good, but I didn't get to see it all, just bits and pieces of it, and when we watched it in Portuguese I understood part of it. So hard to understand!!!

To start off we have lots of people already interested in our church, so many humble people that are ready to be baptized, and join the church. It helped that they went to conference too! This week we are going to work on them and on getting more people to church the next week. We can turn this branch into a ward!!! Woot!

Other than moving into our house, being poor, and having absolute fun with Elders Gutemberg and Finachi and Millett, there’s not a whole bunch to say.

Oh funny story, we saw missionaries that don't have a church, but are preaching about marriage and such, just thought that was kind of cool (though they should go a little further and teach about the true church) but just thought it was cool that people our age were willing to go out and try and make others’ lives better!

Anyway, life is good, see you all later!! Miss you!

Elder Anderson

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  1. Does it have a toilet seat?! I found a surprising amount of houses didn't have toilet seats. sooooo cold.....