Monday, April 8, 2013

First week in Medionera (no house, chased by dogs, drinking protein shakes, helping out)

So here’s my week

First big news is...... still don't have a house!!!

But, I will be moving in Wednesday morning to our new home. I think. They keep telling us that we will, but never do. So basically I have 4 weeks in this transfer, and I have worked with my companion for a total of 3 days in the last four weeks, and it’s great! But soon it will be every day. (Btw I hate doing exchanges).

I've been doing a bit of teaching, usually one or two first lessons a day, trying to learn how to do contacts (imagine a guy coming up to you and sputtering nonsense, they must think I’m drunk or something) but I generally get the message across about them needing to be baptized. So much fun.

Other news is that I've nearly been eaten alive by dogs, and today I was cleaning and found a whole bunch of bugs all over one of my bags, the one I bought last week to help me carry souvenirs and things that I will be buying for my family. (I need something to fit a hammock in, and a poncho, don't have them yet, but I will).

We also celebrated Easter, I went out and bought a big chocolate egg, ‘cause that’s the tradition here. (I still don't think that rabbits lay eggs...), and ate a lot of chocolate. I worked out a little bit harder to work it off today.

Another fun story, I met a lady (she loves us :P ), but we did some service for her and her husband, and moved a bunch of dirt. she was very excited and happy at how much we helped out, and is so happy! She kept going on about how her family didn't help, but we did, and so we're family to her (I think that’s what she was saying). Anyway, she kept saying something about us being kind of sons, and so as we were walking off I said bye mom! (She got a kick out of it) but at the same time, made me miss home.

She also showed me how to make a vitamine? it has some kind of fruit, milk, and sugar and is kind of like a protein shake. We had avocado in it, it was so good! (Kind of like those green smoothies I had back in Texas) I guess eating healthy pays off!

Anyway, miss you all.

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