Monday, March 18, 2013

Leaving Londrina


So here are my answers to my Mom's questions for me:

How is beautiful Brazil?
Oh my goodness it is beautiful, but ugly, but beautiful because of how ugly it is! (Thats the best way I can explain it.) Basically, everything here is either brand new or old and broken down. they have large buildings and then they have houses and they all are made of concrete and have a gate in front. (Oh and dogs... everywhere...) But the houses are so cool and so beautiful in their own way, even if they are all broken down, and where there aren't buildings or houses there is lots of trees and lots of fields full of plants and it looks like the countryside. Best of both worlds.

On the map it looks like you are in the middle of no where. Is that how it feels? 
Not sure yet, we go to our area tomorrow (9 hour bus ride...) but yes I think it will be out there just a bit in the middle of nowhere.

Do they still have internet? 
Yes they do, they have these places called lan houses where you can go and rent computers for a couple reis for however long you want to use them.

The mission address for us is:

Elder Sean Anderson
Av. HigienĂ³polis,
1100 sala 61
86020 - 911 - londrina, PR, - Brasil

Are the members feeding you there or are you preparing your own meals. 
To be answered later, but as for now, I've only had one (though every member has fed us succo (Juice))

You said you are opening a new area? 
The area has been closed for 3 years and we are going to have 4 baptisms right when we get there, but as for the area, we know nothing. we don't have a house yet.

How do you like your companion, Elder Millet? 
My companion is awesome, I am having a good time with him, but more importantly I'm learning a lot from him (though frustration with learning the language will be a bit natural with him for the next few months). He is from Washington, and is a snowboarder, photographer, goes to school at BYU-I and is really laid back and just likes to work and to have fun while working.

Do you only speak Portuguese? 
Not yet, but I do my best to speak as much as I can. We still talk in English a lot, because I'm trying to figure out this culture of people.

Are you walking or riding bikes? 
Only walking and buses. My legs have only been more tired from my marathon, and these are different muscles that I'm using.

What is public transportation like? 
Crazy, I don't understand the way they drive here, they have stop signs, but they don't stop, and they are the craziest drivers I have ever seen, and I don't understand it!

Do you attend a ward or branch? 
It will be a branch, but its a pretty strong branch. 

Do they have you blessing and passing the sacrament, playing the piano, or leading the music yet?  
No, but I hope to do one of the above soon.

I'll write more about my first 2 weeks next week, because I'm out of time this week, but it will be a good letter next week. Finally, my name on my badge will be Elder Sean :)

Talk to you all next week, keep writing me!

Elder Sean

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