Sunday, December 15, 2013

Baptizing Bruna and a trip to Londrina to hear Elder Costa of the 70

December 2, 2013

This week was great, and bad and really great again. Let me explain.

We started out by visiting a lot of people that were in our register. We were able to contact a few people that were interested in the gospel that said they would go to church.

Difficulty number one: we had to leave for the next 3 days, Wednesday, we hopped on the bus to Marilia to catch the next bus to Londrina to catch another bus to vive Xavier (live Xavier) and spend the night there to catch the bus back to Londrina at 4 in the morning and listen to President Costa of the area 70 of Brasil. Wow that was awesome.

We were able to listen and take notes about what he said, and he told us all of these stories telling us that we had to listen to the spirit.

Here’s what he taught: he said that to be a missionary that baptizes a lot, you have to listen to the spirit to know when to stop teaching. We get all excited we feel the spirit, and at that moment we need to leave them and come back another day. When we teach them all they lose that spirit and we come back and they don't want anymore.

He also talked about using our time efficiently, for example, in our planners, we always write church for the 3 hour block of our day at church. Whereas rather it’s the only time we are with the members, and we should be working with them in this time frame. It was very profound.

After that we caught a bus to Marilia again, slept at the ZL’s house, and then caught a bus to Assis the next day, and we stayed there all day to do interviews for the 2 investigators of the sisters (1 passed and baptized! woot! )

Then we caught a bus that night to Ourinhos again, and there we stayed for Saturday thankfully.

Saturday night though, the zone leaders called and said Elder Anderson, Bruna wants you to baptize her.

I got really excited at that point. Bruna was an investigator in Marilia that we taught. She was an inactive Buddhist member, and was really cool. In fact Elder Pearcy (that was the second area of his that I had passed...) had taught her. She was really cool and had a really inspiring story that I think I wrote previous weeks and is in my journal. Anyway the elders kept teaching her, and she progressed and decided that it was time to get baptized!

So last night we hitched a ride for 2 more hours and I got to see my old ward, (man I loved that ward!) and I got to perform the ordinance of baptism and It was so great being able to see her once more and be a part of that. She was so nervous, but when she came out of the water, she was so happy! It’s great to see the influence the spirit has in the lives of people.

That night we caught a ride back with Tony ( a state military police officer, who is just so cool!)

Here's the picture of the baptism!

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