Monday, December 16, 2013

Gulhierme and Vitor's baptisms and the miracle of new shoes

December 16, 2013

Here’s my week!

Actually I would like to account 2 stories:

Last week I started talking about Gulhierme, and this is where it continues. This week, we followed up on giving him the Book of Mormon, and to see if he read the 2 parts we marked. Most investigators read maybe the first part. Sometimes the second part as well. Gulhierme read the 2 parts and everything between, and a little bit more, all the way to Jacob 3. We stopped, our jaws dropped, and we could tell that he already knew it was true, and wanted to be baptized. We were deeply impressed and taught him the rest of the lessons. By Friday, he had finished the Book of Mormon, and was baptized the following Sunday (yesterday :) )

But it doesn't stop there, his influence and conversion is touching the lives of other people and helping them desire to go to church too. I think this next week we will have some of his friends in church. And even better, he has a great desire to serve a mission. Plus he made up his last name which is unique to the world, so he would be the world’s only Elder Khyzask. That’s cool :P

The next story.


We got a media referral to do the following, pass by a house and give an English Book of Mormon. Seeing as we don't just have any lying around the house, we went and passed by his house to give one in Portuguese and tell him that we would get one here sometime for him. We found that the Elders already taught him 3 years ago. We also asked if he wanted to be baptized, and he said yes. The best thing about baptizing 18 and 20 years year olds is they are really open, and they are able to accept truths, and to change. And they don't have to have permission from their parents to be baptized :P so we asked permission, and we taught him all, and baptized him Sunday too. (This was my fasted baptism of approximately 5 days’ notice. I was really glad to meet someone as elect as him as well, and I will keep in good touch with him. The best part is, he speaks English, (and Gulhieme wants to learn and go to Utah and Texas and other places as well).

This week was a baptism filled week, and it was a really good week too. We rode the bus for 12 hours, which kind of sucked, but I guess I will have to get used to it.

My companion got hiccups for the first time in his mission, that was funny.

Oh and I ate a really big fish, and they fried the whole fish. It was kind of disturbing when your food looks back...

Another miracle this week, my shoes, both of them, had inch and a half holes, pretty big holes in the bottom, that I could feel the asphalt heating my sock (I wasn't careful entering the bus station bathroom one time as well). But one member saw, and took the liberty of buying me a new pair. I know that the lord has been blessing me this week, and I want to show him that I want to follow him better, so I am going to try and be better in following him in every way. I know that he only has more in store for me this next year!

Miss you all, I'm so glad to hear all these good things that are happening to you, and about 9 days and I will talk to my family again!!!


Elder Sean Thomas Anderson

ps baptism (Gulhierme right (skinny guy) and Vitor, on the left) :)

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