Sunday, December 15, 2013

Record number of contacts and finding Gulhierme

December 9, 2013

This week, there isn't many stories and experiences. Actually there are, but it’s all contacts this week. No baptisms. Here’s a few of them:

Funny contacts

1. I talked to a bearded lady. I am usually pretty good at looking past people and doing the contacts, but I started talking to her, and when a girl has more facial hair than my companion when he hasn't shaved for a week ( which in all reality isn't that much) it’s just a little too much for me. Needless to say I was a little startled and ended the contact fast.

2. The next one we did was a really odd contact. It’s odd because we asked her, “if God talked to her, face to face, would she be baptized,” and she said no, and that she wanted to keep following the catholic church. She started using an argument that the church has authority, and that Peter was passed the keys, but we blew that out of the water with our innate knowledge of the history of world churches. She then admitted that she knew the church was false, and that she would still follow it and not God. I don't want to live in this world anymore.

3. There were several where I was completely ignored, rejected and denied, to the point where people stopped, looked at me, took a long path around me, while I called to them about 6 or 7 times, and then never responded. I love when people are just completely rude to me, at least say hi back :P

4. The first 2 days we had counted up the amount of contacts we did because we were doing a competition with the sisters, and we had 37 between Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we got to a point where we had 37, and we decided that we could pull it in and completely double our number of contacts for the week. It was one of the best experiences we had this week. We were doing contacts, and 30- 36 were really hard, rejections to a couple of really mule people (people who don't want to mark appointments) and we were tired. But we were going to do the church at that point, and still had one more. Behind us came a young man, 18 years old. we started talking to him, and on the very last contact of our longest and hardest day for contacts this week, the day I set the record for the amount of contacts that I have done in one day (and week too) we found a golden investigator.


Gulhierme is a kid that just moved here from Mexico. He was an adopted Brazilian kid into a Mexican family and they lived in Brazil most of his life. I don't know when, but he moved to Mexico for 6 years with his family because their visa ran out. They went back, and he met the church there. He met a few missionaries close to the border and went with them to a church meeting in Texas, and it was right next to a temple, which I think is in Lubbock. I don't know, he doesn't recognize the city, he said one city, but it was a Mexican city, and he said it was in Texas.

He didn't understand the church that much, but he has had several experiences as of late that pointed him to the church today. He went with us Sunday, and lives just a few doors from bishop, and is a great kid. We have his baptism marked for this Sunday! I'm so excited! onwards and upwards.

Oh and just a few other facts, on average, we walked over 10 miles a day, up to 20 miles in one day (I’m averaging it up, and I am realizing that its more than 20, I think it might be as much as 26 miles that day...) I think I might be in marathon shape:P though my shoes are taking a pounding. I have an inch hole in one side, and the other is just starting. I’m gonna start looking through some used stores.

That’s the week this week! Hope you all are loving life! Write soon!

Elder Anderson

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