Monday, January 13, 2014

Baptized Junio, and was nearly killed by a cockroach

December 30, 2013

Well, this week just a few highlights:

First I talked with my lovely family; it was great hearing from them!!! I'll have the privilege of speaking to them again here once more on my mission, then that’s it! Yeah!!!

Second, and also really important, we baptized this week!!! His name is Junio, and we met him a week and a half ago. It’s really weird, it was the most normal baptism I have ever had, but the more and more we think about it, he is really elect. He is 16 years old, and in his free time, he flies kites (Brazilian style for those of you who know about pipa battles :P) and we are really excited to teach his mom this week and try and help her baptize!!!

Next, Gulherme and Vitor were both ordained priests this week, Gulherme did the baptism, and Vitor was a witness (not exactly one of our most bright ideas ever, but we'll go with it.) and Vitor just turned 21, so happy birthday to him.

We also found a guy that we thought was elect, but in the end we found out he is an ex transvestite, that is Still (he said he already stopped) using drugs, and lied to us and cheated us. He was one of the best liars I've ever met, I'll give him that. Not a good thing, but whatever. We might try and talk to the wife again (she told us that he was lying.)

Also this week is New Year’s, we'll see how that goes... love holidays...

Short funny story, we were planning last night, and I just about died. I may or may not have screamed like a girl, and somehow managed to stun it long enough to kill it, but there was a cockroach ON MY LEG!!! Nastiest thing I have ever seen. He nearly killed me. My companion just stood there and laughed. Some companion I have...

I'm gonna learn how to make a kite...

And I have had more lasagna then I have ever had in my life... in this area.

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