Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Departure Day

December 5, 2012

It's not exactly what Sean envisioned . . . he had hoped to be headed to balmy Brazil.  Unfortunately, his visa did not come through in time so instead of the Brazil MTC, he left the Boise Airport at 6:30 am on a very rainy Wednesday morning for Salt Lake City and the Provo MTC.

Everyone went to the airport with him, leaving the house at 5:09, then 5:13, then 5:20.  After we were sure we had most of his stuff, we set out for the airport.  The ticket agent recognized what a boy in a suit with his family hovering close around meant (having served a mission herself) and kindly helped us get everything in order.  His big bag checked in at 49 lbs (just under the limit) and the other bag with plenty of poundage to spare at 30 lbs.  Another missionary bound for Houston on the same flight was checking in beside us with two huge bags and some weight distribution to take care of.  

Once Sean was checked in, he nearly sprinted for the gate with his family frantically calling out for him to slow down.  After waiting 168 days to go - he was anxious to start his adventure.  Catching him just before security, he was hugged and kissed repeatedly, and mom barely held back the tears as he turned for one final wave.  We found out after the flight that he flew first class, probably due to the rescheduling of his ticket from Brazil to Salt Lake.  Lucky!  The other missionary was back in economy.

Sean had a few tense moments at the Salt Lake Airport waiting for his Aunt Amy to pick him up (she was about 20 minutes late), but they found each other and he spent the morning breakfasting with his Uncle Ryan at Kneaders before heading into the MTC at 12:30.

Good luck Elder Anderson!

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