Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 2, Life in the MTC

Wow, what a week. the first three days, my mind was thrown in a portugese blender, chopped up, and then some spiritual experiences were thrown into the mix! The good news is once saturday and sunday hit, everything slowed down, and I finally was able to start feeling the spirit and understanding miniscule bits of portugese! the first few days, I felt like the new kid at school, where everyone notices you, and they all say Hi, in their respective languages. which by the way, I have never had so much fun saying Oi! in my life :) Saturday, was more of the same, study, breakfast, study, lunch, study, dinner, and study till you go home, then you write in your journal prepare some stuff for the next day, then sleep. The biggest plus though was I got to do some service in the morning, we cleaned out the gym. sunday was the biggest refresher, because I didn't have portugese shoved down my thought, but I got to go to devotionals, and here the mens choir sing from byu. If you haven't ever heard it, go look up elder Bednars talk, the character of christ. During those two things, I have felt the spirit the most strongly then I have this entire time. Oh and P-Day, the wondrous day where I don't have to dress up!!! So great.

My companion, Elder Christensen is a great guy, I've gotten along with him so well, though he can be kinda laid back and reserved. he is from preston Idaho, has a great spirit about him, and is growing so much while he is here. for those ladies out here reading this, sorry, but he is taken.

I also got to enjoy recieving letters from several of my friends and family, and I can tell you I love getting them so much!!! please write me, its the highlight of my night when I get handed a letter by my district leader :)


Elder Anderson

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