Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's tough for three people to be one

What a week! Since the last time I was on, I gained a second companion, his name is Elder Rydalch. He is a fun, happy young fellow, who is a bit taller than me. Unfortunately, our district also lost a member of our ranks, which was a bit upsetting, and threw us all for a loop, but I think things are back to normal. Our trio is getting along well, though it is significantly harder with 3 people than it is 2 (I've found out). Between having to drag people along everywhere and doing things together all the time, it gets kinda difficult. In the pictures of us together, Elder Christensen is on the left (my right) and Elder Rydalch on the right.

Last Tuesday I tried out for the talent show, and I'm pretty sure that I'm in, because they were asking me if I could take up a 2 minute routine, and some other things. So my new project began, I needed string. I am happy to report, the first round was a success, but in a backwards way, I twisted the string the wrong way. oh well, I guess I have left handed string :) The first was a white navy blue mix that I got from the book store, 'cause apparently those are the only colors they have. I asked one of my branch presidency to get me some thread, and his wife ('cause she wouldn't let him) got the string I needed. They are fantastic! I'll send a picture of the finished product next week!

This weekend, was also a new experience, We got our second teacher, Irmao de Grooch, who was the investigator we had for the first week. He is kinda awesome, and a bit more laid back then the other teacher, more ready to joke with us. I love them so much though the one thing though is apparently Brazilian Portuguese doesn't come naturally to him, so he has to work hard to speak with an accent.

Also, my district has been doing that snapping thing, where you whip your finger or something, (Sam Welker, you know the snap...) and i am proud to say after a week and a half of trying, I got it! ow my arm and finger hurt :P

I'm gonna say one of the hardest things here so far are the stupid chairs! We sit in them for 13 or so hours a day, and others when we aren't. They are the most uncomfortable seats ever, and also don't hold your stuff, but rather allows it to slide down the desk part. I never want to sit in one of those chairs again. Only 7 more weeks of the pain...

Thanks everyone for all the letters you have sent me! I am trying to respond to everyone, so expect a letter a few days after I receive it. I am so grateful to you all, and your inspiring and uplifting words!

I know this church is true, I'm so grateful for everything that I have done here, and how much I have learned! I would like to end with a challenge to everyone to read the scriptures, If you want to try and finish it before I finish my Portuguese version, that's the commitment I extended to my family. I know it will bless your life to prayerfully study it again.

I love you all, and hope that I can hear from you!


Elder Anderson

People I've seen:
Sister Kayla Alder
Sister Amelia Bruneel
Elder Andrew Hansen
Elder Brandyn Pierce

*and a few others, but i can't remember now, I'll write their names next week.

Elder Christensen, Elder Anderson, and Elder Rydalch

Elder Washburn and Elder Delgado

Elder Bodhaine and Elder Clarke

Elders Poore and Trussle

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