Friday, February 22, 2013

Listening to the Spirit

Ok, so this week has been absolutely nuts!!! But in a good way.

First off, I would like to say, Magnolia is wonderful, and I love the people here. Even though it is kind of crazy sometimes... but I still love it.

My companion, Elder Chollet, is awesome. He is constantly doing things to help us and others grow, and people can see that he is in tune with the spirit, and I have noticed it so many times as we have been out here. About him, he is a dancer like me, but he dances solo, like modern, or jazz or ballet. I'll write more about him every week, but that’s just one thing.

This week, we had a really cool experience, where we had to go get our tire fixed, and I felt this urge to go to sonic (I say urge, cause I wasn't hungry, but I felt like I needed to go over there across the street and eat something.) so we walked around to the light and over, and ate a bit, then as we were going back, we met someone who told us that God told him to stop, turn around and offer to buy us a drink. Wow. That was weird. So he took us to Whataburger, and bought us all sodas and we talked to him about what we know to be true, and about him. He is very religious and is trying very hard to do what’s right, and we get to see him latter today and talk to him about the book of Mormon that we gave to him. That was really cool.

This last week met 4 people that could be potential investigators of the church at least. There are so many people that could be ready for the church here, we just have to listen to the spirit and let him bear witness through us of the truth. So I would say it’s been a productive week.

I also love what we get to do, because I've realized we have a part of our calling that I love. we get to be friends and people that others can trust, and I have noticed how people easily open up to us all the time, and how they let us help their lives.

Well, I'm out of time this week, but there is so much I want to say. Just remember, I love you all, and hope that I hear from you soon!!!

Elder Anderson

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