Sunday, July 7, 2013

Karini, the wife of Alexandre, gets baptized

July 17, 2013

What is the hardest thing about being a missionary?

hmmmmm, answering this question.

I think the hardest thing about being a missionary is finding a balance of everything. Some things like humility you can't have enough of, but on the other hand you have things like time management, being forward and asking questions to people, but not too forward, things like that. I don't know. I think everything has its moment being the hardest thing, for example if you need to develop one trait, the Lord will put trials in your way to develop that trait, and that will be the hardest. Then on the other hand it will switch from time to time, the Lord knows what you need to be the hardest thing for you. Right now for me it’s doing contacts.

Do you feel like your testimony is growing all the time, or does it sometimes stagnate?

My testimony is almost always growing. There is some times where it does slow to a stop for a little bit, but that’s only when I'm walking (apparently I can't read, do contacts, and walk at the same time.)

The best part though is I always have time in the morning to study the gospel and strengthen my knowledge and testimony of the gospel.

What is the most important thing members can do to help in the missionary effort?

I would say at least getting to know the missionaries would be a good start, but I would say it was really helpful for me in Texas and here too when members would bring nonmembers to their home and we got to teach them. As missionaries we do a lot of searching, and if we could have anything from the members it is references from friends that could be interested in the gospel, to know your neighbors well enough to help that way, or even better set up a time that friends and the missionaries could be in FHE together.

If we had a group of people and talked to everyone, most likely they would all reject the gospel, but if a friend took just a couple of those people and said these are the most likely ones to accept the gospel right now, it would save the missionaries time, letting them do other things, and would help bring someone to the gospel faster than if they just knocked on the door of that person.

Are you writing in your journal pretty faithfully?

Some days I'm better, I was really good in the MTC, then I got to the field, it got a bit harder to do every night, and then Brazil was even harder (try living without a desk for 2 transfers...).

But as of late, I have been getting in a few every week, so, it’s not once every 2 weeks or month like the last while.

This week:
This week was good; we did a lot of hard work, mostly looking for people to teach again. We baptized two people yesterday; one was the son of the family last week, Neto. He is really cool, is 15 years old, and when we went to teach him the restoration, he asked us when the interview would be, we told him Saturday. That was really cool getting to see the whole family together ready to enter the temple for all time and eternity!

The other was Karini, the wife of Alexandre. Alexandre is one of the strongest members of the church I know, and the teacher of Gospel Principles. (It's cool when the principles teacher knows Hebrew... :P) and it was so cool to see him and his wife in the water as she got baptized, and as they cried coming out of the water. I will be so happy to hear when they get sealed in the temple! :)

Other than that this week we were trying to teach a few people, but they all seem like they aren't ready to accept the gospel, so we're going to do a lot of searching this week so that next week we can have people in church :)

Oh yeah. So I also bought a few things this week. One is some rope (about 1 dollar) for doing jump rope in the morning. Next is a vest for about $1.50 dollars and a shirt for .50 cents. Now that’s what I call thrifty.

Other news this week is that we had a festival that was pretty cool, but really awkward (I think it was the Brazilian Valentine ’s Day or something...) and we did a few divisions, (I got to go with Elder Gregory!

(By the way, he's from close to Logan, and has 1 more month than me on the mission, and we have decided that we are going to create a jazz band and live together off of our missions :P It was a good division).

Hey if you have any cool Ideas for a jazz band name (or want to get in on it too :P), you should send it to me!

Anyway. There really wasn't much that happened this week besides the divisions, and the baptisms. I'm good, loving the mission because of the cool experiences I had this weekend with the baptisms and all.

Anyway gotta run, It's P-day! (I'm gonna wear that cheap vest I found :P), write me you guys! I love reading your letters!!!

Elder Sean Anderson

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