Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Blisters, burns, and sweat. (A journey into the life of Elder Sean Anderson)

June 24, 2013

Wow, so what a week. I would like to tell my lovely mother thank you for sending the packages (though I only received the one with the card in it as of yet, I am hoping to receive the other in just a matter of weeks).

First thing this week, I would love to say between P-day and District meeting where Elder Wheeler made a fabulous batch of cake, and the next day with Elder Crowther and Elder Bodhoin and the cookies they made, this week started out pretty good. (oh and the recipe for mac and cheese/alfredo that my mom sent me was the highlight meal of my week pretty much.)

Funny stories first. I kind of met Elder Bodhoin this week, I saw him and shook his hand before, but if someone asked me who he was I wouldn't put a face to a name. So the day I met him was the day before we had zone conference this week. Zone conference we got any and all letters awaiting us, and I received one letter from Elder Bodhoin and it had a picture of him in it. So that’s just how cool he is, one day I meet him, the next I'm getting pictures of him.

Another funny story this week is my feet are just about to die here, kind of. I got home last night, and my feet have the biggest blisters right now that even hurt if nothing is touching them. I've kind of been developing them for the last week or 2, and it’s just kind of peaked yesterday. I'm thinking they will start callusing pretty good here.

As for things I learned this week, yesterday I did a division with the honey badger himself (term stolen from Elder Delgagillo who went home) Elder Hoskin. I Love him ‘cause he is more or less a great example to me of how a missionary should be. He has 23 months, and will leave in 2, (he got an extension for one more transfer a year ago) and he is still going strong. But I get to talk with him a lot and see what he is doing to improve himself and the lives of others. This week I saw a journal that he has, that I bought one exactly like it in the MTC. I asked him about it and he called them his small plates. It’s where he writes everything that’s of worth to him and wants to remember as a spiritual experience. I have plank plates right now for myself, but I think that after seeing that I know what kind of format I want my small plates to be.

He is also such a good example right now ‘cause his companion (who has been on a mission for the equivalent of 3 years) is slacking off and not wanting to work. I've noticed that every moment he has, he is still trying to teach, trying to work, and trying to better his life and others, despite his companion and everything that is working against him, I know that I can keep looking up to him to see what I can do better!

One thing I love is that he is constantly trying to find ways to feel the Spirit, to obey the rules, to be diligent and patient. He told me to study chapter 6 in PMG and to learn from the Christ-like attributes in my own life as a missionary.

So my questions are

1. What would you write on your small plates?

2. What can you do to magnify your calling?

3. How can you develop Christ-like attributes?

Love you all, and hope to hear from you soon?

Elder Sean Anderson

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