Sunday, July 7, 2013

Record contacts!

July 1, 2013

This week, I had the opportunity to work with Elder Hoskin and Elder Porter as well as my own companion, so that’s a little about who I worked with. But what we actually did was awesome.

With the two divisions we did, we did 8 contacts where we got addresses, and the with Elder Hoskin we did 15. That’s my record so far, but I think I could get as many as 20 in one day if we tried, because the 15 were all in 2 hours! Holy mackerel! I felt kind of proud.

We worked a lot with a couple of people this week.

Leandero and Livia, brother and sister, they both went to church this week, and when we first started teaching them, Livia read all the parts in the scriptures that we marked for her, and Leandero really likes us and what we talk about. After church, Livia was asking about a book or something. She was asking for a bible, the teacher’s manual and wants to go to seminary. She said most likely she would get baptized :) What great investigators!

Next we had Luis and his daughter Rachel (I think) and they both loved church, though his daughter is really shy and looks sad/angry all the time. But they said she liked it and would go next week :) Luis we met Friday, and we saw him again Saturday, and he had shaved his beard.

Also, I have learned a lot from Elder Hoskin with his desire to work until the end. He decided to serve an extra transfer, and had to beg and plead President to serve more (he's only let it happen 2 times) and he got the extension. He did it because he felt like he needed to, I would love to have the same opportunity that he has and serve more, but I have school right when I get back, (not to mention Christmas and all).

I have seen him just working and wanting to do the work even though his companion doesn't and he has found every way possible to do it.

Next, we had worldwide training. I would recommend if you have the chance go watch that. It talks a lot about working with the missionaries and the new things that missionaries will be able to do, such as work with members and pesquisadors via Skype or Facebook or other technologies like that. I'm really excited to see the new ways they want the members and missionaries to work. Way cool!

Anyway, so that’s all that I have time to write this week, I just want you all to know that I’m glad I'm here, and I love you all!

Write me soon!

Elder Sean

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