Sunday, July 28, 2013

Juliana and Palbo get baptized and our ward mission leader is stepping it up

July 22, 2013

So here I am, in sunny Brazil, and my day just got better finding out that my dad got a job offer, so, naturally I'm a little antsy. (Though it’s going to be weird returning to another ward...) I'll manage.

Anyway, we'll start with the exciting news first. Primarily, I'm loving my companion and we just finished baptizing 2 out of 4 in a family (1 is having problems with drugs, the other has major issues with age.) so we'll talk about them for a second.

Juliana and Pablo. These two are awesome, I'm glad we found them. I will say that the Lord put them in our way, and at the right time, because now our ward mission leader is doing a lot of stuff with the missionaries of the ward. Which means on top of that, our retention rate of members of 25 percent will be more like 50 or 75 percent. I'm kind of really excited for the work he is doing.

anyway, they have given up a lot of things that you have to do to be baptized, and on top of that, they are doing daily study of the scriptures, prayer, and I think that we will start helping the father more and more, and they will be baptized as a family, and be sealed in the temple someday, (way cool).

So anyway the baptism was good, here’s a photo:

Also, we had a few really cool experiences where we found cool people with questions ready to get baptized and everything, (we'll see).

For example, while we try and touch some lives, even if it feels really uninspired, the Lord puts others in our way. The other day we were talking to someone, and it got into a quick awkward silence, so I asked a question in my awkward way: “What would you ask God if he were here?” She says, “Well, I have lots of questions, but not one in particular.” Then at that moment, some girl that was leaving from in the house, asked us a question that we could tell made her really confused and sad. So we got her number, and will try and teach her one of these days, it’s going to be great.

Now for some funny news:

I talked about this in the video, but this bird dropped a huge poop on me the other day during a contact. I had just finished getting the guy’s information, and put away my planner, and it happened. I think the worst was it was green and gooey, and warm. Though all I could do was laugh and go and find a house we could ask for water. It all turned out well.

Also some other cool things is I have been working on learning how to take some really cool pictures (Cool camera = cool pictures, just need to learn how)

Here’s some cool one I took this week:

And I think that’s it for space on this email, but here’s some others!

Miss you guys, write soon

Elder Sean Anderson!

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