Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone, or in my new native tongue, Feliz Natal!

So this week has been so crazy and busy, if anyone wants to know, I have responded to every letter I have received, so keep them coming, I love to hear from everyone!!!

This week has been crazy and fun, I've done so many things, learned more about the scriptures, and more about Portuguese, and I have heard some amazing talks, including the one we received last Tuesday from Elder C. Scott Grow of the 70, and this week from Russell M Nelson! So fantastic, I am so much more ready to get out in the field and tell everyone about the gospel, but alas, I still have a few more weeks.

I think the greatest thing that has happened this week is we got new chairs! Let me quickly describe the old ones. They were hard, had uncomfortable bumps in the middle of the seat, so it was uncomfortable any way you sat, and oh the tiny desks that they had, our stuff slid down the desk, and didn't have enough room anyway. We received new chairs, that have padded seats, a large, non-sliding table, and they roll, and the seats lean back! So much easier to fall asleep in! I don't, but if I were to...

On that note I have a funny story to tell, my companions and I periodically rotate around reading a paragraph at a time in PMG(Preach My Gospel), and several times I will read, and they go around, 30 seconds later, I'm asleep. I am awake all day, study diligently, but it always happens once a day, for 2 minutes, at any given time, I just get super tired, and after the 2 minutes, I'm fine. Weirdest thing ever 0.o

Russell M. Nelson today gave a great talk about missionary work (go figure), while it wasn't any huge doctrine besides invite others to come to Christ, with some advice on how, I loved the spirit that I felt this morning from him and all the music that we got to hear, It is so uplifting to hear the choir which encompasses a quarter of the gym singing praises to god in this Christmas season.

Other things of note include the getting to see several movies, including Joseph Smith, The Testament, and last night, a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (which if you haven't seen, it's so much better when you haven't seen a movie in months) Go watch it. And tonight we have the pleasure of seeing one more, It’s a wonderful life. And I have my yoyo performance today as well... yikes. I think that this will be the most terrifying moment of my life, next to the first time I make a street contact... I'll see when I get there. I sent my mom a couple of pictures of the string that I have made, you all should check that out, it is quite amazing what you can do with a few strands of thread.

On this fine Christmas day, I would compel everyone to remember the Saviors birth (if you aren't already) and to try to be like him. He wants us to come unto Him, and through Him, we can be made clean. Do something for a friend a neighbor, just out of kindness, not because you want them to think you are better than anyone, if you see someone along the road, stop and help them, when others paths you cross, don't be afraid to help them on their way, and maybe in so doing, you may meet them later on in different light, where their hearts are softened and ready to receive the light of Christ.

I love you all, and hope to hear from you all soon! I know that Christ is my savior, my redeemer, and my friend.

Feliz Natal!!!

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