Friday, March 1, 2013

Meeting Sister Grabow in Texas

Well hello again! Here I am, in Magnolia, Texas, working hard as I can, and it is fantastic!

The highlights of the week:

1. We had exchanges this week, and I worked with Elder Wright for a day. That was cool.

2. Our top investigator dropped us... darn.
3. Went to a bible study, and got to talk with one of our investigators and try to prove to him that Mormons are Christians, and that the bible is supported by the book of Mormon... he wrote us an essay against that belief. So funny.
4. Did service all of Saturday, and got blisters all up and down one of my hands :P Beleza!
5. Had a full Brazilian meal on Sunday! Oh my goodness gracious that was my favorite meal so far, beating out a steak from last week, but only barely. We had feijuata, and guarana, and marague? and guiavara? It was a jellotonized fruit called guiava, I believe, and cheese. And we had sugar cane, and so many other great things! (Learned how to make the beans and rice... :) ) I'm not sure on all the spelling here, but it was all delicious! Brother Beckstead, who made the meal actually served in the area that I am going to, under a different mission name now. Kind of cool :) so I'm going to keep in touch with him!
6. Saw Sister Graybow from my ward in Boise. I used to take the sacrament to her husband at their house. Apparently she is related to one of the families here! Ha ha so funny! I was super surprised when I saw her!

A spiritual story, then a funny one I guess. We were helping out a family that has been struggling this week, and both me and my companion were listening to the mother of the family, and we both had the same promptings, and that night the spirit was so strong and we both knew what to do because of it! Kind of cool!

Funny story, we went to this bible study, and some guy walks in and see us, and starts walking out, and people start asking him what he is looking for, and he says the bible study, and he replies, no this can't be it. Back and forth a bit they tell him it is, and finally he reluctantly says okay and sits down :P Apparently people don't think we believe in the bible. :P Awesome!

Well, just want ya'll to know life is great! Write me, and I will tell you the specifics about the mission :)

Elder Sean Anderson

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