Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brazil, finally!

So, here I am, in sunny, hot, muggy, Brazil, and it’s been kind of awesome. I have already had a mishap with where my stuff was sent . . . but its ok, we will get it from the place it’s at tomorrow, and I have my change of clothes here already.

After hours and hours of flying and sitting on a plane, I have been fed and am returning to my original sanity, so that I can serve in the right capacity.

My new companion is Elder Millet from Washington. I will be serving in the Medianeras do foz Iguaco, (Which I believe has the Iguaçu Falls in it). We are opening the area, and I have been surprised to find out that here they have a goal of baptizing 200 this month in our mission, and we have a bunch that are ready to be baptized already, so I am going to have a busy next few weeks. Also, we have a brand new place we are staying in.

That’s about all that I have to say besides my mission is so freaking gorgeous, I will send pictures of it later on, but I am loving it.

Talk to you all Monday!

Elder Anderson

Iguaçu Falls

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