Monday, March 11, 2013

Goodbye Houston, hello Brazil

According to my dad, I say every week is a crazy week. So as such, crazy is the new normal, from running around getting stuff I needed for Brazil, to losing stuff (Elder Chollet’s backpack) and meeting and teaching, and comforting and visiting, and all manner of other things that we did, I would say it was a full week.

The story of the backpack. We were running around doing errands and stuff, and we had to stop and drop something off really fast and go to another place. In the process of doing this, we left the backpack on the back of the car, and drove away. After about 30 minutes we realized what had been misplaced, and proceeded to lead a search in vain. Needless to say, his work as a missionary had almost all been lost such as his scriptures, his camera, Elder Brown’s hard drive, and some other things that were of value to him. We were super upset over it all night.

The next day, our phones weren't working at all, unless we went outside of our apartment area by about 10 minutes. Later that day when we got in range of a place with cell reception, our phone starts going off the wall from voicemails and texts that we received that day, and we received the news that someone had found it, and apparently they had found it lying in a ditch. Apparently, when your things are found lying in a ditch and nobody can get a hold of you, people tend to think you've been jumped, and are probably lying in a ditch nearby. Luckily they held off on giving our parents phone calls long enough so that we could give them a call back. So yes, we are still alive.

Other news, I've been yelled at, then in the middle was given a flashlight for no apparent reason. (Oddest part of my week.)

And that's the biggest news besides the fact that I'm leaving on a jet plane, and I don't know when I'll be back again. :)

Write me, because the new policy is friends can email now!

Elder Sean T Anderson

Our apartment

Service at Tony's

Service painting Sister Gissemans house (celings)

Sister Foulsom and Sister Orosco are both awesome and have helped with service a couple of times.

Our investigator Zach, me, and Elder Yu

Typical Elder Chollet

Elder Yu, Quinn, and me

The Gittens. Tony is from Trinidad, and the others are from Antigua. Tony is one of the hardest to understand native English speakers I have ever met.

Some of my friends: Quinn Bohn and Kendra Wilkstead

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