Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sept 23, 2013

Questions and answers:

How are things down south?

Well, this week was a really short week, they all seem to blur together, I don't understand why, but it was a good week, because we had a really strong baptism this week, her name is Silvia, I'll write more about her at the bottom :P

Was last week an up week or down week?

It was mostly an up week, though I’m not gonna lie, the cold kinda put a damper on it, but I powered through it, still holding strong. :P

How is your suit holding up?

My suit’s fine, I only use it once a week if I use it - so not very often.


Pants are fine, though I found a gaping hole in the pocket of one of my suit pants (good thing I only wear them every now and then - that could get a little annoying).

But, as for pants, my companion - all of his pants have huge holes in the crotches (I'm not sure how they got there on all of them, and why they are so big... seriously, I don't know how I don't notice them all day, but he manages to hide them.) He got a pair of pants the other day from another elder, so he's gonna make it fine.


I had to get some stain remover, (for my pit stains that look like someone poured rust on my shirts...) and the stains are gone, just missed one shirt, so I need to wash that one really well.

Are you washing clothes by hand, or with a machine?

Machine, though I have washed by hand a few times here, it just is a lot harder and takes a bit longer. (kind of annoying too, glad I live in the 21st century ;)

How big is your refrigerator?

Smallish, doesn't hold a ton of food.

Do you have a stove and microwave?

Thankfully yes, I don't have to cook in a pit over a handmade fire (that’s called barbecue/churrasco here. it’s just about the best thing ever :P )

How many elders are in your apartment?

Just us.

What three things do you love about Brazil so far?

Churrasco, fruits, and terere (though it’s been a few months since the last time I had terere). So pretty much the foods here are really good. I'm working on learning how to cook like they do here.

What three things are the most challenging?

People not wanting to hear anything about the church or wanting to bible bash with you; the heat; and teaching classes in church. I just can't capture attention yet. I'm still learning though, I found I can give a really good discourse on improv :P

As for our baptism, so we found Silvia last week. She was walking along and we did a contact with her, inviting her to go to church. She said she would, we passed by her that night, confirmed, and she decided she would go with her granddaughter. The next day when we woke them up, they almost decided not to go, but they did. So it ended up going well. We taught them all week, and she brought us food from the place she works all week (salgados/ colaches) it’s kind of like sweets, but they are snack food, like hotdogs or ham and cheese and other things like that in the form of a nonsweet donut. I really don’t have a way to describe it.

Anyway, we taught them, she always calls us her soldiers, and she always talks about us highly. She is really happy, and it’s really cool to see what she is doing to change her life (like giving up all of her coffee and alcohol and tea the 2nd day). she is also bringing her mom to the church this next week (she slept in this week :P) and she wants us to teach her niece and her girlfriend too, (we taught the girlfriend Bruna, I think she's cool with us, though I don't think the niece likes us quite so much). So we'll work on that the next week, see how that goes, and try and find someone to baptize, maybe this man that we invited and went to church that had this huge accident with his back. He is kind of cool.

Anyway, today we're going to the zoo, so it will be fun, I'm kind of excited, glad to hear that you are all doing great! Write me soon!

Elder Anderson

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