Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas and New Year's at the MTC

Oi! Tudo Bem?

Over her at the MTC, everything is crazy, and always is crazy, but I think that I can get through what this week was like.

Of course Christmas is going to be different, especially if you are at the MTC, so considering that we got a general authority, Elder Russell M. Nelson, I was kind of excited. He talked about a lot of things, one of which was rumors. He said be a rumor stopper, not one that continues it. Such as the rumor that the church is sending people to one place to get them to be able to serve in China. False. Anyway, fun morning.

Next the performance: I had the wonderfully exciting opportunity to Yoyo in front of the entire MTC... 2000+ people. Probably one of the most exciting moments that I've had here, and one of the most terrifying. On the flip side, I was amazing, I felt like I was going to stumble at one point, but I was fine, and in fact, I caught a couple of people freaking out while I was doing it. The best part though was immediately after I stopped, and started to bow, everyone stood and cheered. I have never had so many people clap for me at one time, I sat down, my heart was pumping, I'm pretty sure the MTC president started crowd surfing... (that is the only part that I exaggerated dad.) The talent show was filled with acts both funny and talented, and I was one of 2 that were not musical talents. Pretty amazing.

Finally that day, we had the painter, Greg Olsen come and speak with us. I think from the entire Christmas experience, that was probably the speaker I liked the most. He talked about his paintings and how he's started trying to portray the Savior as a normal man, the son of a carpenter (so he is a little bit more manly), and extraordinarily ordinary. The reason why I feel this applies to me is it makes me think of the Savior as someone I can connect with, someone that I can imagine, not some person that is beautiful, but just a man. You would find him with the needy, the sick, the humble. If you were to look in a crowd, he wouldn't stand out. that’s why he understands us, that is how he was able to suffer all sins, he lowered himself below us all, he understood our pains, and he atoned for them, with every pore in his body.

That night we also watched the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Fun movie, and so much more fun when you haven't seen a movie in almost a month. Everything’s better when you are a little deprived :P

Between then New Year’s, I have been working hard, not many funny stories to report, not many things that were that exciting. In fact my family was just over the wall all week, I saw their car, but they didn't see me. So, just an ordinary week.

New Year’s (aka today)

It’s been a long time for me since I have had a regular New Year’s Eve. Nothing, nothing at all happened, just life as usual at the MTC. I think the only thing we did was right before it, we had all of our noisemakers and were blowing it till maybe 10:00 pm. So... Exciting... Like I said, no holiday is normal at the MTC. I don't think it ever will be.

Anyways, I Love and miss you all, and the thing that makes me the most excited is when I receive letters. It’s like presents when I get them, I get all excited. I can understand why they only give missionaries mail right before we go to bed, so we don't waste the rest of the day. I do respond to them all, sometimes I have to take a day to finish it, or wait till P-day, but I do respond. (PS Katie Alder, you need to send me your address, cause the return one you put doesn't exist.)

Write me soon, and the Church is true, I love you all!


Elder Anderson

Aunt Amy's house is right next to the MTC.

Elder Pierce with Elder Anderson (another face familiar face from Boise)

Noisemakers at 10pm . . . Happy New Year's

Elder Hoff accompanied Sean during his spectacular yoyo performance

MTC group in front of the Provo Temple

MTC group at the MTC

Classic missionary photo (when will Elder Anderson make it to Brazil?)

Provo Temple

Elder Anderson with MTC companions

Elder Anderson at the Provo Temple

Too cool in Provo!

Homemade yoyo string.

The gingerbread house was part of Sean's 12 days of Christmas in the MTC (thanks Aunt Amy!)

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