Sunday, January 13, 2013

My mission vision and goals

Ok, so first things first, I have heard the first signs of Visas!!!!! A sister in my zone got a visa Friday, and Elder Rydalch said that his mom called the travel office and they said they are expecting a lot in the next week. How it applies, my address has the potential to change very, very soon. I will know on Friday if this is a true statement. Maybe this week or next. but If not, I just hope I get reassigned to someplace warm for the time being, seeing as I only have short sleeve shirts... dang.

So not much happened this week except for one thing, we had a bit of a schedule change, and we received a new teacher. I sent a picture of the brother that was teaching before, Irmao Rogers, who was gone for 2 weeks and just got back Friday to leave us Saturday, but in the time that he has been back, it has been a spiritual whirlwind. He presented me with a certain question, actually 2, but the first he asked was along the lines of what do I want to get out of my mission, how am I supposed to grow? I was called to Londrina for a specific purpose, but only I will figure out what that is, and Heavenly Father knows what it is. He also said this: the lord calls missionaries not only to teach others, but to help the missionaries themselves. If he wanted to help people, he would send angels, but he is preparing us as well as others. Kind of interesting.

The second thing he talked about was goals. What goals do I have for my mission, who do I want to be? What do I want to accomplish. He talked about having a vision, and I thought about it for a while, but I think the first thing I came up with was that I want to be visionary. (Same word, I know). What this means is I might not want to be the one who is the leader, but I know where I want to be, I can see the path that I should be taking, that I can through Heavenly Father know what I have to do, and what others can do to become greater. I want to be the man with the vision. I feel like I will revise it, and be more specific, but I think the goals that I have are to (1) track myself, see how I change, see what Heavenly Father is shaping me into, (2) I want to find out who I want to be, and find a way to get there.

I would try to write my testimony in Portuguese, but I don't know how these keyboards are supposed to work... dang. Anyway, I will try that next week. I love you all, Write me! Some of you I haven't heard from in a while, and I would love to hear from you! I love you all, and I miss you!

The church is true,


Elder Anderson
Sean and his teacher Irmao Rodgers

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