Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One week left in the MTC . . . I wonder where he'll go next, doesn't look like Brazil.

Besides having just a few days left here at my stay in the MTC, I am still constantly studying, working hard, and freaking out! I am receiving a reassignment probably tomorrow, and I leave next week. That is kind of crazy to think about! I have not taught a single lesson in English, and I don't know how I can!?! I don't even have the first vision memorized in English!!! When I try and talk in English (thanks to my 2 week long English fast) I say random Portuguese words when I am trying to talk in English, or little phrases that won't mean anything to anyone else, like obrigado, or desculpe, or so many others! What am I going to do!?! I think the biggest thing for me is seeing the 2 districts ahead of us leave yesterday, and today, and receiving pass-along cards in English. Can you tell I'm freaked out!?! I will let everyone know what my new address is when I get it! I want people to write me!

On writing, we found out that there is only writing on P-day, which we didn't know before, but considering I only did it for 10 minutes at night anyways, I'm not missing a ton. So I will respond to your letters, just give me a couple of days :) I love to hear from everyone so much! Like I said, it’s Christmas when I get them!

Other things that happened this week is that another bug started going around (I'm fine mom, I haven't caught anything knock on wood). We finally learned the pronunciations of the letters (you’d think we would have learned that in the first week...) we also just learned the accents of the letters (again same thing...) and various other first week things. You think that would have been the first thing we learned, but oh well.

In the last week I’ve seen more missionaries I know including Hannah Trimble, Sadie Peterson, the Ramey’s ( I see them all the time, one is in my building, the other eats lunch the same time as me) I have seen someone named Katie, can't remember her last name, but I will send that later, she was my next door neighbor when I was in the house, Steve or all of them will know her as Kat, I've also seen a girl that was in that ward as well named Sister Abraham, and she is going to Japan, I see her all the time. I think that’s all I have seen lately. I haven't been running, it’s a conflict because I love playing Vball instead, but when I'm in the field, I will use that time for something, not sure what yet.

About volleyball, sometimes the players switch teams, just kind of depends on the day/ week. We rotate every time the ball switches. Now funny story, I was playing it the other day and we have 2 courts here, and normally all of the really good Tongans and Samoans are on the other court, but every now and then they play with us. We have one guy named Elder Tupai or something like that who is huge, played volleyball in school, and hits extremely hard when he spikes. How do I know? I was hit by him dead on and nearly was knocked out. I was blessed with not having a black eye, or a broken nose (though I have been hit there before and normally it bruises). Yeah, everyone asked me the next couple of days how my head was :P The funny thing though was I was talking to someone about it, and they asked me how it felt, and that moment, I was hit by the same person from the other court in the same place. I told her kind of like that. Thought you would like that. My companions are basketball and football players, and are pretty into sports - we are a bit different.

People write me! :)

Elder Sean Anderson

ps. the temple cafeteria food is awesome!!!

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