Sunday, January 27, 2013

So this week has been amazing.  Since I wrote last time, we had a talk from Elder Jeffery R Holland, which was so amazing, I loved what he told us this week, mainly about the greatness of the work and what we should do. One thing he talked about that I really liked was what he said about astonishing people. For example Alma was astonished, and fell to the earth for three days. The word astonish comes from the word tondra, which means thunder. Every person should have their own little astonishment, their earthquake, their thunder when you preach the word. Our message is simple yet profound, and it needs to get across to so many.

We also had several other things happen this week, such as the switching of the MTC presidency, which it was cool to hear from all of them. I also finished the book of Mormon in English for the first time as a missionary, so great. I would hope that everybody can understand why it is so important to read the book of Mormon, because it is the most essential tool in conversion. I love it so much.

Funny story, my companion was called to a place in one of the buildings (we always freak out when that happens, cause may be there is a chance we'll get our visa) unfortunately it was for some shoes or something. On the flipside, we came back yelling about him getting his visa! People were not happy after when they found it was a false alarm :)

Week one of the English fast was hard, and I made it all the way through, with some mistakes, but I made it. He recommitted us, and I'm doing even better (except P-day, which is a bit harder because I talk to so many people that don't speak a Latin based language like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or French. but sometimes they understand, which is always fun :) I'm still going and I am going to go all the way to the end of the MTC at this point, because I can.

Anyway, I'm short on time, I have to go now, Hope to hear from everyone, it is the absolute best part of my day when I receive letters!

The Church Is True!


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