Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013: Cleaning house in Ourinhos

November 18, 2013

Do you get much exercise (besides walking everywhere) each day?

We should, I am a little lazy half the mornings. It’s worse when it’s cold. If it’s hot, I just hop up and go.

How are the bugs down there? Very many in your apartment?

Ants, and spiders, we have a ton.

Who are you teaching now?

Nobody, we just opened an area

Do you have favorite scripture stories that you like to tell when you are teaching?

I love the story of Moses, it really describes the purpose of a prophet. Also Zeezrom has the best repentance story in 2 verses :P

This week!!!!

This week was a crazy week. I was transferred because we lost a lot of elders, and I was moved to Ourinhos. For the first couple of days, we taught my old investigators in Marilia because we couldn't get to our area till Thursday. We got there, and we had the worse house ever. It was so terrible; I don't know how anyone lived there. So we cleaned the house. Also we got new supplies, a new map, and a few other things to help us with our work. Seeing as we didn't have much time, we kind of hit the ground running, and in the following days we walked all over the city, visited their old investigators, and we found a lot of new ones. We also have been getting a lot of media references lately because of Facebook that we had to pass too. So all of these things were things we started doing when we got here.

We had this miracle today as we were able to overcome a lot of our goals this week, and we were extremely obedient. (it’s a little hard sometimes, but I think that my companion, Elder Christensen is the most obedient guy on the mission. though I'm still curious to know if all these rules are actual rules or not...)

But as to who we are teaching, we kind of just taught everyone, we haven't really had a list of potentials yet, so we are gonna work really hard this week to find people with desire to go to church, and those people will have desire to get baptized!!!

I'm so excited for this transfer, we are all ready to go, just have to clean house a little more and everything will be already!!

Miss you all, and this week will have more to say, and some more pictures, but for now, here’s me fighting a tiger!

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  1. I just found your blog! My son is serving in this mission as well. There is a facebook page for moms whose sons are in this mission. My son just took his picture by that tiger...they must know each other!
    If you send me your email address ( I can send you a facebook invite ... it's fun to share pictures with each other! My son Tanner Schenewark is a ZL, somewhere near that tiger!