Sunday, November 17, 2013

Transferred again, got really sick, met some great members.

Oct 7, 2013

So this week we got transferred. We both got transferred to the same zone, but I'm with Elder Millett again, and he (Elder Altamirano) is with Elder Carlos.

(Elder Carlos is kind of funny, he speaks a bit of English, but he likes the phrase “oh no” a lot. I don't know why.)

Here’s how this week went: I hoped on the bus Tuesday, and went to Londrina. That was about 6 hours I think. Something like that. But that day, we ended up getting a bunch of natural juice, explored the city and went to the stores. (Didn’t get anything, I didn't have any desire yet.)

It was kind of cool, I got to spend the day with Elder Caldeira and Elder Oliva and Elder Poore, all realy funny guys. It was also a treat to see Elder Delgado that night with his new trainee. Both elder pore and elder delgado are from my group, so I had a god time talking to them.

The next day we got on the bus again to Cascavel and Foz where they went. That was another 6 hours, and I felt really sick. I hate riding the bus, especially the cheap bus that shakes you around all the time and stops every 30 minutes to pick up people and let them off. So that night when we were at the house of an investigator, I threw up. I felt really bad. The nice thing is she’s a mom, and she was right out with a cup of herbal tea, and some medicine, so I took it gladly.

The next day I threw up again, (Thursday now) and I went to lunch and ate very little. And after that it started getting bad again, and the member had me lay down, and I talked to Sister a bit, and she let me sleep and go to the hospital. I slept almost that entire day (which was good cause it was raining) but I am so glad that people here treat me like their own son because they know how hard my own mother must feel that she can't help me out (though she would probably just laugh ;P )

But after the day of hard sleep, I was finally able to eat again with the thanks to some really nasty medicine, and I am back up working again. 100 percent.

The next day we left with the son of that member (who is American, 3 of their kids are and speak perfect English), got chewed out by our investigator that doesn't want to give up coffee... :/ it was sad.

But conference came and we watched 2 in Portuguese and the others in English, it ended up being a really really good conference, and I took over 20 pages of notes (and I still haven't watched the priesthood session, I’ll have to study that in my own time.)

Between all, it was a really god week. I met some really cool people, including Manuel and his family, the Americans, and Susie, a 3 year convert return missionary, and some really cool members and investigators. I already love this area; everyone is just asking to be baptized!!!

I miss you all, and I love the work here, thanks for all your support!

Elder Anderson

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