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October 21, 2013: New companion, new area, new opportunities

Oct 21, 2013

I had an emergency transfer, and I am with Elder Doan now.

How are things this week?

Well they were good, I like my new area though it’s definitely hard being a missionary. It got hot again, so teaching in the street is terrible. But we managed to teach 44 lessons this week, without entering a house. (We might have entered a few, but max 5) and we had less references than lessons. Go figure. I feel like I've talked to at least a million people since I've been here.

I know your seasons are different than ours, is it getting hotter as we are getting colder?

Yeah it’s hot now, and just getting worse

Did you already find a new shoulder bag?

We found out about changing bags the last week, and I went to some stores, found a couple things, but most were a bit more expensive, but I managed to strike a deal at a little used thrift shop thing. It was 20 and I worked her down to 15, and that’s about 7 dollars, for a pretty sweet shoulder adventure bag.(seriously I feel like Indiana Jones with this thing!)

But it’s a little small, just big enough for the things I need to carry around through the day, I might go look for 1 of 2 things for days I need a little more space, find a briefcase or just a bag a little bit bigger so that I can put folders and things in it for meetings like zone conference and meetings and divisions.

Tuesday we went on division, I went with Elder Barton, who is from my group, and it was pretty awesome, we talked to 150 people that day (and got about 25 references) and it was a bomb division. We had a guy tell us I’m tired of you Mormons, if you have courage take this - and handed Elder Barton his pipe. (At this point he was wigged out). And he was like whoa you’re courageous. Give it to him. So I took it. And he was really impressed by us, and told us he was sorry and walked off.

The next day I found my bag, I’ll send some pics latter, I don't know if I have time right now, but Elder Doan is really picky, so he is trying to find something he likes, and everything is expensive. We’ll see what he gets.

Also I had a dog pee on my shoe this week, that was annoying. We had a person tell us that he was the only prophet in the world, and he was gonna go on the bridge and start prophesying.

Also we had 2 good possibilities, Anna Paula who we met Saturday and went to church last Sunday, and Sarah, our hard core snake for Elder Doan (who can resist blond hair blue eyed Elder Doan?)

But that about sums up my week, I gotta go now, but hope to hear from all soon!

Love you!

Especially you mom!

Elder Anderson

Elder Anderson, Anna Paula, Elder Doan

Elder Doan

Elder Doan, Sarah, Anna Paula, Elder Anderson

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