Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sept 30, 2013

How are you?

Well, that is a very broad ended question. We’ll start with the feet this week. So they are a little red, but they got better, and still are. The cream is a bit weird, but it’s kind of funny describing it to people. So better. The shoes I have are wonderful too, though I might look into getting another pair around Christmas to have 2 good pairs, one to air out and one to wear.

My body is sore, but that’s because I started doing pushups again (it warmed up enough that I can get out of my bed in the morning without being freezing cold.)

Our new member (Silvia who was confirmed this week) gave us suits, she had a brecho (used store) and they are really stylish. (imagine old man style :P) so I'm gonna send a few pictures of that.

My mind is tired, but I think that’s from all the contacts that I've done and the fact that I've been studying Isaiah in Nephi. (It makes sense this time!) And also that we did a lot of contacts this week and had a lot of nothing. It kind of was a slow week. The area was moved back to just the zone leaders now. I think it was because of the lack of investigators in our area, which is kind of sad.

But as for transfers, so I will be with my trainer again (Elder Millet), in Cascavel (right next to where I trained here :P with elder Altamirano in my district. this is going to be a weird transfer, but I'm excited!)

My area Coqueiral!

Who is your favorite Book of Mormon prophet?

Gonna say Jacob (he saw Jesus Christ too :P)

Bible prophet?

Moses or Isaiah, (they have some really cool stories!)

And I don't know about modern day prophet, that would be hard to say, but I have a few that I like, like Ezra Taft Benson, and Joseph Smith, or our prophet today! (Gordon B Hinkley was also up there :) )

And why? What inspiration to you get from them?

I really like the things that they taught, some of the miracles that they performed, and there is a lot of other things, I don't know. I really love Alma too. I think his life is an inspiration to anyone.

Anyway, gotta go, thanks for all the letters. Time to pack!!!

Elder Anderson

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