Sunday, April 20, 2014

Training Elder Monk and some crazy experiences this week!

February 10, 2014

Well this week has been a really short and a fast week, but a really crazy week.

First this week we were transferred, both me and Elder Christensen: me to Semiramis, Londrina (which I found out on Monday) and Elder Christensen didn't know where. On Monday night I got a call to go to Centro for training for new trainers and learned that I would train. So that next morning, we went there, and we had the same training that I received when I got here on the mission.

Anyway my new trainee is Elder Monk! He is from Virginia, and is a hard worker and will someday be Assistant. Yeah!

So what he has already experienced this week, and were some really funny moments for us both.

1. We had a moment with two guys that were really doped up on drugs (we got the address of one, we will probably pass him, cause he was telling us that he wanted to be saved, and the other we just left him. he was singing Aerosmith apparently, though I didn't understand him

2. We had a guy named John Lennon at church. we talked to him at about 10, and he did a mini tour, left, (we got someone else after him to go to sacrament) and then she left, and he came back and (he was extremely drunk.) and ended up going to his house, letting him change, and we watched the last talk.

Later that day we went to his house, there was a fight between him and his dad? Or something. I'm a little sorry that he had to witness that.

3. Almost had a baptism, then the mom was thrown in the equation.

Anyway, everything so far is hectic from the having to open the area, but it will work out in the end. Baptisms this week of John Lennon and Amanda and this other lady (who also was really cool)

More stories next week!

Elder Anderson

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