Sunday, April 20, 2014

Addiction, marriage (or the lack thereof), and the trouble Satan causes.

February 24, 2014

So my week has been thus. Crazy! As always.

But to start we started running behind a few people. First off is Tayla.

Tayla is a 15 year old girl that smokes and drinks and has been since she was 11. Wow. anyway we have almost helped her to stop, and she has a response to her prayers and everything and now she will move to a different ward and get baptized. Dang. Oh well, she will still be in the same building.

Next is Amanda. Dang, we were so close. The story is this.

First a few weeks ago we had left her due to her mom being a little mean to us and let fires calm a little. We ended up seeing her at the family home evening of her neighbor (who lives in front of her) and we taught her the plan of salvation, and she loved it. We ended up passing again and teaching her the 3rd lesson and inviting her to go to an interview.

The interview was a hassle to get her there, but when she finally got there she had a very spiritual experience, and decided she wants to be baptized. We would do it the next day!

Then comes the bummer. We walked out and there was a marriage that was going on, and she asked us if she needed to be married...


So now we will go get them married in the next few weeks because it takes 15 days here. We are aiming for the week of transfers.

This week though we have to baptize a man that went to church with 19 years. So young man, but we hope that everything works out well.

As for being tired all the time, the problem is we don't have time to make real food ever, so we end up eating a bunch of junk food all the time. I hate it; I wish I had more time.

Glad to hear about the good stuff happening there, it will be so weird to return to Idaho Falls...

Elder Anderson

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