Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some successes and some disappointments

March 10, 2014

Did you eat anything weird this week?

Just one thing, it’s a dish from the north. It was this corn Jello stuff. My companion didn't like it, but I thought it was fantastic. It would be so cool to serve up there among the Indians!

Did you have any situations where you followed the spirit and something miraculous happened?

This week? Not really. I'm sure I did, but that I remember no.

How are you feet hanging in there? Are you still using the medicine?

They are in perfect condition, and I stopped using the medicine in Marilia, though I pulled it out once or twice in Ourinhos.

This week there wasn't a lot to say, we have been working hard, and we had a couple of successes, and a couple of disappointments. One of which was the fact that we got a really good investigator for a few days that already went to church, and then she cut us after 3 or 4 days. It’s something really heart wrenching to see someone that doesn't want to experience change or the joy of the gospel. Other than her, we lost a lot of time on other things and we hope that this week we will have a little more success.

Other important things that have happened? ummm. Last week of transfers and so we have to work really hard this week.

I'm sorry there isn't a whole lot to say this week, maybe in the next week we will have some really good stories to tell.

Good luck on the move Mom!

Elder Anderson

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