Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rainy day Sundays keep the investigators away.

March 31, 2014

How are things this week?

So far so good, we worked harder, we had a little more success, and we are getting closer to finding a baptism!

What things were easy?

Finding the people.

What things were hard?

Getting up every day.

Or getting them up on a rainy Sunday. We will better prepare some of them for next week! Yay conference!

Is it starting to cool off in Brazil yet?

Yeah, it’s not quite jacket weather, but it’s getting down there at night, and with the rain it helps a little too.

Are you beginning to enter your winter months?

Not quite.

Who was the coolest person you met this week?

Erik. Erik is the friend of Raphael, who I will explain below. Erik is in the circus, and that’s what he does for work. He also picks up a few other jobs along the way, but that is his main source of income for now. He is about 23 and is looking ahead to a long full life. He flaked out on church this week because of rain, but next week, we will have a little more success because of conference! Yay!

Who do you feel like you impacted the most (sometimes the person you impact the most is yourself).

Not sure, maybe myself

What did you learn about charity this week?

Just trying to be charitable and patience are related. But charity also requires action like faith.

Now for the good part. Our 2 rappers!!!

Raphael and Ricardo, our black rapper friends. Raphael we me a while ago, 2 weeks or so, and he was all excited about church and flaked out the first week due to a tooth ache. This week he almost fell again, but we got him to go, and now he's given up cigarettes! Yeah! We will try and help him be baptized this week!

Ricardo is the other, unfortunately he didn't come this week, but he promised us to go next week. I'm sure that he will be baptized with Raphael and Erik!

Our family that we are working with is also really cool. One is Jean; he is the son of an inactive, and the brother of 2 inactives. They all want to go to church, and we will get him to give up the cigarettes too and his whole family as well. Also his sister Bruna and her husband will also go to church. Neither of them has been baptized before (Bruna and Jean). We are really excited about them too. unfortunately the rain stopped them from coming.

Next week we have a work to do due to conference. We will try and get tons of people to go, we are going to make some official sign up list to make it more official to people! I'm super excited!

Talk to you all soon!

Elder Anderson

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