Sunday, April 20, 2014

P-day and praying for Patricia.

April 15, 2014

Best question ever. What am I doing for p-day.

First thing I will eat some fried chicken and ramen (our money hasn’t fallen yet, it’s all I have). Maybe I will drink terere, but only 2 liters today if that.

Then I will play some chess with my companion, listen to some talks, and I will make a leather case for my bible (Like I said, I have become a cobbler)

And then we will pray for our investigator. Satan is working hard against her, and I am scared she will give in. I know that the lord is blessing her, and will give her way to salvation. Pray for us that Patricia can be baptized tomorrow! I believe in her!

Anyway, Patricia is a niece of a member, who invited her to conference the other day, and loved it! She has been receiving our lessons, and has readily accepted the gospel, and is getting ready to be baptized. The problem? Members, her aunt, and others are all distracting her from what I know she has felt, and I know that she will make it there when I saw her withstand something that any other investigator would fall under. I am so glad that the lord is preparing us and helping her to achieve her righteous desire.

Please pray for us that we may be given a way to work with the members of this ward that they may stop impeding our investigators and start helping them instead.

Love you all

Elder Anderson

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