Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fastest Baptism ever and transfers coming up.

January 27

Well I wouldn't say I'm the most diligent in writing my journal, though I at least keep a basic record of everything important, I wouldn't say things important happen every day, some days I just get home completely exhausted.

But the biggest part about this week is the blessings of the lord that we are seeing in our missions here. First is the blessing of a BAPTISM!!!

Irma Rita!

So we met her the other day after going and checking out a reference that we received a while back from a member. Rita went to church and didn't seem like she wanted anything to do with anything, and so we just forgot about her. But Thursday we went and checked it out to see if we would pursue it or just leave her. But while she seemed reluctant at first, she committed to be baptized. So we immediately called the zone leaders they came the next day and she was baptized that night.

(Fastest baptism that I or my companion have ever had with the oldest person we have ever taught. 74.)

Just a little about her. She is 74, has 7 living children, she had 8 and one more that was a miscarriage, with a total of 9. Wow. I don't know how many grandchildren she has, but she has at least one great grandchild, and a good portion of her family are baptized members of the church. I can barely understand what she says, and her and her husband Jose are always fighting when we are there. At least I think they are fighting.

But that’s all about her. The next news is that transfers are next week, maybe I stay here, or maybe I go. I don't know, we are working on getting a house all ready for 4 elders, so maybe I stay one more here...

Other than that, we are going to try and baptize the girlfriend of a missionary that is at home for a short time because he developed epilepsy on the mission. Wow. (I've met at least 3 missionaries that developed epilepsy...)

That’s my week. We walked a lot, out of the blue baptized, and we are going to be walking a lot more. I think I will sleep all day today.

Elder Anderson

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