Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoping for a first baptism for Elder Monk.

March 17, 2014

So I didn't even realize that it was Saint Patrick’s Day. That is the weirdest thing. I don't even realize the days that are our regular holidays...

Potatoes? More or less. They have them but they must be a different brand, because they look different. Though on the flip side I have learned how to make hash browns. I learned watching another missionary, picked it up and do it every now and then.

Yes I am still red, though it will get a little bit better during the winter season. I am sure I will get back and be as red as a tomato :P or maybe somehow I will get a little tan!

This week we have been teaching a few people. First was one that disappointed me and we gave up on her. Her name was Arari (like ard-ard-ee). She was so close I felt, but we just couldn't find the problem. It’s hard to find the solution without the problem.

Second is LUILTON!!!!!!!!!

So this guy is from Lagoas, do Nordeste (north) and he is super cool, and just a party animal (we will help with that a bit... (Every other pic was him drinking in his camera))

Anyway it’s been 4 weeks since we found him, and finally we were able to get a hold of him and bring him to church. We went with his cousin, with whom he lives (he was studying to be a catholic priest... but he gave up).

Anyway, he is super cool, and is so willing to learn and we will help him out this week.

Next up is 3 kids we brought (and their family). Tatielli (12) Gulherme (15) and Junior (14). All really intelligent kids from Minas Gerais, the land of the cheese. They are a really cool family and we will work with them and see what we can do to help them: P it will be a good experience to help them, and hopefully baptize them!

This week was a long hard week but paid off in the end with the best fruits of any other week we had, and I think we will be able to baptize this week! First baptism for Elder Monk!

Elder Anderson

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