Sunday, April 20, 2014

Of juggling, whey protein, and training!

February 17

Of juggling, whey protein, and training!

How is your new area?

It’s small, but it feels big since we are going around a lot of it.

Did you have to find a place to live, or was that already set up for you?

The place was already ready for us, it’s an old apartment that the ground is concrete, and it’s a pretty good size for the 2 of us.

Do you have a nice place to live?

It’s ok. Not the worst I’ve lived in, but also not the best. We have a bit of cleaning to do still.

How is the new ward and mission leader?

The ward is good and very supportive, and I've met some really cool people that I like thus far, the ward mission leader is an older guy, retired, though sounds like he will work again here in a bit. He’s a cool guy, but I really wish he was behind more ward missionaries, that would be really good.

Are you teaching anyone?

A few people, but the first is the one that went to church, Tayla. She is 15 years old, and we met her the other day just passing by her in the road as she was getting to her house. She almost didn't go Sunday when we passed by her, but we had a miracle. And I think that she has some possibility. First obstacle we have to pass is her addiction, she smokes. That’s so weird to me, 15 year olds smoking and addicted. Second problem is her dad is investigating and wanting to get baptized in another church that is very prominent here (known as the Jehovah Witnesses), but he won't stop her from doing what she wants.

Next news, I have learned how to juggle, not extremely well, but to the point where I can keep going, and do at least one new trick (I learned by watching Elder Christensen :P). That’s just a little something that is funny that I’ve been working on with the leftover limes we have.

One more thing, I wake up broken every day. Like demolished and destroyed. I go around every day and just feel really tired in the morning. Yesterday was the 2nd time I have ever tried whey protein (it was really nasty too). Then they put milk powder in the second half of the cup... this morning I felt like sunshine and daisy’s. And I ran for the first time in about 8 months. I am seriously considering buying a jug of powder. Mom, may I?

Elder Anderson

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