Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm working as hard as I can, and I'm tired all the time.

Mar 3

What rocked your world this week?
What rocked my world? I'm not sure right now. Maybe church, because our investigators felt the strong spirit there!

Meet any new and interesting people?

Leticia and Estefania,

Leticia is a drug addict that is trying to get over her addiction. We got there right as she was starting and we seem to show up when she needs us the most. Unfortunately she fell after 7 days, but went to church Sunday and loved it and now has a vision for the future! It will be a longer road for her to baptism, but she will make it!

Estafania is a lady we met that went to church. That is very hyper. I don't know her really well yet, but she loved the church and wants to go back next week!

Both are just some of the sweetest people!

Have any epiphanies regarding the work you are doing?

Epiphanies? Not really. I'm working on something new, but I haven't really decided to focus my study on anything in particular yet.

How is being the lead companion going? Does it stress you out?

Good and yes!

What are three positive characteristics your companion has?

He speaks really well,

He does contacts well,

And he wants to get better!

Are you still as tired as you were?

Yes. It doesn't ever go away. The older you get, the more tired you get. It’s a universal thing among the missionaries here. They say if you are tired you didn't work smart, but I say the opposite. If you are not tired, you didn’t give it everything you had.

This week was long, hard and stressful. We worked hard, and it gave up some results, some are people that might be baptized in a few weeks and others are people that will be baptized this week. It will be a good month. Here we want to break our record in the mission with 231 baptisms in the month, which means I HAVE TO WORK HARD AS I CAN! It will be great!

Anyway that’s all I got to say for now, it’s been raining a bit here, and we are excited!

Elder Anderson

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