Monday, September 29, 2014

About the falls and wild monkeys.

August 18, 2014

How were the falls?

Beautifull. At first it wasn't so cool, at least didn't look stunning because we were really far away from the first falls. Then we started walking around them, the water falls go on for a couple of kilometers, that's what really amazed me. But the best párt, we went down in the middle of a few of them, the biggest of them all. WOW! that's all I have to say! I got some great pictures!

Did you have fun? Was it amazing?

Yes and yes.

Did you get moved and your old place cleaned up?

Almost, we have a few things to get inside the house still, but we are getting there.

Who is in your new apartment?

Elder Zabala, Morocho, Helms and me.

How are you getting on with your companion?


Who has been your favorite elder to work with during your mission?

E. Christensen

How far away from the mission home are you?

9 hours

Who were you able to teach this week?

L! He is a guy that we talked to on the street last week, and we were able to teach him this week! He is a really good guy, 19 years old and will be baptized on Sunday! it's really nice to meet elect like him!

That's about the sum of our week, just one more funny story:

So we were walking along and decided to take a shortcut to one of our investigators. it cuts through this grove of trees, but something that we found out really fast, the place has WILD MONKEYS!!!!! Biggest discovery ever, wild monkeys exist still! and they live in the city. I've never seen a monkey in the wild, and most missionaries haven't either. It's really awesome!

That's about it, but I love you all! 94!

Elder Anderson

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