Monday, September 29, 2014

My clothes are becoming celetialized.

September 15, 2014

What are three things you love about your area and why.

Its diverse, there's a bit of everything, the people are receptive and the food is awesome!

Did you have any breakthroughs with investigators this week?

We have an investigator going to church for 3 months now. He finally accepted baptism and will be baptized on Thursday! :) his name is L, he is the boyfriend of the bishops daughter.

How are your clothes holding up?

Well, I was able to whitify my clothes a bit, and all of my pants have holes in someplace, and have this strong odor emitting from them... my sock have all been celestialized with holes, they seem to go missing, so I had to buy a few pairs a few weeks ago. I'm gonna throw away all of my shirts and pants and underware before I come home. I need to get new everything. It's getting bad :P

Though I still have shoes that work. That's a good thing.

Any funny or spiritual stories you have to relate this week?

Not really, but I I felt that I had a testimony really strong of the atonement this week.

Are you working on any specific goals this week?

I'm establishing my goals for how I want to transition off of my mission. Trunky :P

This week was great, I got to see a sister that I met in the MTC that lives here in foz, we had interviews, we now have a baptism on Thursday, and everything seems to be working out! After this week though I don't know what I will do, we have to find some new people to teach and to baptize, or we won't be able to follow through with more baptisms.

That's about all that happened, I am now down to 9 weeks, and getting trunky.

Elder Anderson

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