Monday, September 29, 2014

New Investigators!

June 2, 2014

Well until now, I have'nt gotten any news on transfers, maybe that means I will stay one more...

This week we are working with 3 people.

One man, we found him a few weeks ago, and he has been struggling to get a testimony, but finally he is starting to react to our lessons. he stopped drinking, alcohol and coffee, and is now starting to think about baptism. He thinks that he has a response, and is now willing to follow it. So we are looking to a baptism this week! Bring It on!

And the other 2 are married, and want to go to the states one day, London, and see the world. They are really cool and liked the church, though thought it was different. maybe they will be interested! we'll talk to them later. So batiza!

Anyway, this week was rather boring, we talked to a few people, did a division with Elder Gomez from Chile (BRASIWWWWWWW) and taught a bit. I think this week is looking to be a good week for us. let's go baby!

Elder Anderson

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