Monday, September 29, 2014

Inspiration and Success

May 19, 2014

So since the last time I talked to you, my companion and I sat down and did some dirty work. We got down and started talking to people.

What made it different this week? 2 fera (Monday) Elder Rabbit of the saints (Coelho dos Santos) asked me what he could do to accompany people so they didn't fall, and so they went to church.

I thought and thought and here was the revelation I got. We all tried it out.

Before, we would do contacts and talk to the people on Friday or Saturday. If we talked to them Monday, we wouldn't see them for 5 more days at the least.

Now, we talk to them the next day, 2 days after and maybe another 2 days after. In the end it worked out really well, everyone in our district had new people at church, and everyone has someone to baptize this week. It’s a really good week.

Something funny that happened this week, me and my companion ate almost every single night. Here we only get lunch, and every now and then we have a snack for dinner (lunch is their dinner). It seemed as if the lord was blessing us. Every time we stepped in a house they just happened to have cake and food for us. I think the lord likes us or something, we really got to bond to some of the families we taught, and we are hoping to see them accept the gospel here soon.

I'm going to get fat here. So far I haven’t gained, but usually if I gain anything I freak out and eat less.

Oh and first time in a long time I ate chili this week. I love peppers, but here everyone here are wimps. The plus side, the brother that made it for us likes them too.

Elder Anderson

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