Monday, September 29, 2014

Great Food this Week!

May 26, 2014
How was your week?

Could have been better, we didn't have anyone at church this week

Sunshine or rain?

More rain than anything.

Happy or sad? Baptisms or no shows?

No shows, we didn't have very much success, and we will keep running behind people to get them to the goal.

Do the people usually treat you petty well?
Depends, its about half half, if we talk to someone in the street, sometimes they are good and others they just blow us off. I guess we do strike fear in the hearts of people.

Best thing you ate this week?

Well, there was a number of things, between a cow roasted, and a lasagna that was awesome and a pudding that was cooked in a wood stove (the lasagna was too) and a spaghetti that had this delicious white sauce, some tea, some terere, some pancakes, fried torta, and a cake. it was a good week on the side of food.

Weirdest thing you saw that you can tell me about?

Brazil. All of it.

Favorite passage of scripture?

Blessed art thou Elder Anderson for the integrity of thine heart...

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