Monday, September 29, 2014

Great birthday surprises and transferring to Foz.

July 14, 2014

First I will make a list of things that I received for my birthday :)

1st and best of all! TABASCO SAUCE!!! I had no idea that I missed that stuff so much :P

2nd tacos (same Irmao in the ward made them for us, then my companion became sick. Didn't do anything to me). There were tacos, real tacos and guacamole (I didn't even eat the stuff before the mission and now I eat a ton!).

3rd. pens that are really really good!

4th tons of candy

(thanks to the Bristol Heights Ward Young Women that sent me a package of candy) (p.s. Mom, I paid 20 dollars to get their package).

5th freaking fabulous star glasses (my companion was making fun of me because of their gayness...)

6th the dart guns. holy freak that was a fun gift. We have had constant battles in our apartment.

7th a tie. It's a pretty cool tie too, thanks Irmao Leopoldo again!

8th cologne. I don't know what she's trying to say. thanks Irma Juliana!

9th. cake. gotta have cake

10th, beef jerky.

Now, I was thinking about getting a Brazil jacket that's really nice, and I could use it at home, but I would like to ask the advice of you Mom, it's about 100 reais or 40 dollars. Should I get it? it's something that I'm thinking of getting as a remembrance of my mission.

Next up, we had conference which I got to see a ton of missionaries that I know and don't know. It's surprising to see how many you don't know. You get here knowing nobody, and go home the same way. Go figure.

The other news, I am going to foz!!!!! Waterfalls! Cataratas!!! Yayayayayaya!

I will be in an area called Itaipu with Elder Helms. I don't know him and so I will have to get to know him a bit. but the cool part, he has been baptizing 5 weeks seguidas. So he should be good.

I will miss a lot of people here in Semiramis, its been a long time since I have been here, and will defiantly keep in touch with all of them!

Anyway, that's my life this week, thanks for all the prayers! See you in a bit :P

Elder Anderson

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