Monday, September 29, 2014

Moving, baptisms, and going to Igacu Falls

August 11, 2014

Did you get moved?

Yes, finally, though we are putting the final touches on our old and new house

How is the work going this week?

The work was the best that it has ever been! Medianeira (my first city here) baptized 6 people! And better yet, I did the baptisms! Then the next day, we baptized HELENA!!! :) that was also really awesome! I was glad to be apart of all of the baptisms. as a reward, we are authorized to go to the falls!

What is the weather like in your new area?

Hot. muggy, and there are a lot of little bugs here that are annoying

How is the member support?

Depends on the member, depends on the day. Usually the Irmas love us and will make us food whenever we ask. I try not to take too much advantage, just when I'm hungry. the best part is they feel more blessed through doing this, it's weird how that works.

How often do you eat in member's homes?

Once a day, they have a calender going on. We eat with someone different every day of the month.

Is the food very different in your new area than your last?

The main difference is they use black beans here, and other places they use brown beans (called white beans? And they eat more Churrasco, or barbacue in english (not the same as ours, they don't use gas, they do it over a fire. its awesome! )

How is it different than "Mexican" food?

Forget tacos, forget burritos, forget enchiladas, forget anything Mexican with pepper. They eat rice with beans on top, but not re-fried beans, they just boil the beans for an hour and season it. It's always rice, beans, salad, and meat. Sometimes a fruit, and always soda or juice.

What characteristics do you admire about your companion?

He is really obedient. That's one of my favorite things!

This week was a blessing, we baptized 10 people in Foz, and 7 were in our district. for that, president is letting anyone that baptized this week go to the waterfalls, and the next week anyone that baptizes this week! I'm really happy for that. Unfortunately, Elder Zabala will go next week and not this, but that's OK. we'll live.

I'll take some cool pics, but here's a few for you guys of the baptisms!

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